A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 513

Chapter 513

Here came the real bombshell!

Everyone in the courtroom held their breaths as Toby played the third video, which

showed James alone making a phone call.

“I heard through the grapevine that the authorities received an anonymous tip on John

Levine’s market manipulation and money laundering. I don’t know who it was, but I’m

sure they’ll reach you soon enough, so listen clearly to what I’m about to say and relay

it to Hunter as well.”

“You and Hunter are both to plead guilty right away and accuse John Levine of being

the mastermind. The evidence we have would incriminate him, and he’d never weasel

his way out of this, not to mention I’ll also pull some strings with the court. Just do

what I tell you to, and do not expose yourself at all costs.

“Don’t worry—your prison sentences would be ten years at best, and I have ways to

lighten your sentence. You would also be rewarded handsomely, not to mention that

I’ll be taking good care of your families,” James added, though the last part was an

obvious threat.

“Last but not least, I must remind you that you must never mention me or any member

of my family. Plead the fifth if there are questions you’re not sure about. Once the dust

settles, your rewards will be waiting.’

The high-definition video was certainly solid evidence, as everyone could see that

James was calling Wade’s number on his phone screen.

There was no name either-just the number.

It was the strongest evidence the defense had, and Tobias did not ask for a verdict

immediately after presenting it.

He presented more evidence, including another hacking of Wade’s phone to access a

recording of that conversation, proving that the conversation between James and

Wade had indeed taken place, proving that they conspired with each other.

And with that done, Toby turned toward John just then.

John had never said a word or reacted in any way, staying calm and silent whether his

defense had the advantage or otherwise.

Before Toby could speak, however, Sean beat him to it. ‘Permission to cross-examine

the defendant, Your Honor.”

“Granted.” Judge Rackham agreed to it immediately.

Sean left his table and strode up to John, while Toby tactfully took a step back.

“There are many issues in this trial that need clear-cut answers, Mr. Levine.” “Of

course,’ John replied.

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