A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 512

Chapter 512

Toby played two videos.

The first showed a conversation between Jessica and Noel.

“Tonight’s target is this man,” Jessica was saying. “Here’s a dossier on his

preferences, so study it and satisfy him.”

She appeared indifferent as she handed Noel a document sheet, as if it was only


Noel took it reluctantly, and her face fell after she read the contents.

“Don’t worry,” Jessica assured her just then. “My people will be watching.

They won’t let you really be hurt-just play along until then.”

“Your people are watching?” Noel exclaimed, clearly finding that unacceptable.

“How else would I get a video for blackmail?”

It was clear that Jessica did not want to waste her breath with Noel-when Noel tried to

speak further, Jessica told her, “Don’t forget who made you board chairman of Sachs

Enterprises. You are in no position to negotiate.”

Noel naturally had no choice but to accept the arrangement, and the video ended.

Toby then played the second video, which showed a conversation between Jessica

and James.

“Here’s the video you wanted,” Jessica told James.

“You really never make mistakes, don’t you?” James praised her then and inserted the

USB flash drive into his laptop, commenting with contempt as he watched the video,

“Good. This leverage would be enough to keep him in line.”

“Vain women like her are the easiest to control,” Jessica said with disdain.” But can’t

you get more normal people for your business dealings next time? H

“Can’t blackmail a man without vices.” James shrugged nonchalantly.

Jessica said nothing to that, and the video ended with that.

The court was once again left in an uproar.

The Stuarts and Noel were public figures, but to think that they were such sinister

characters who were up to such heinous acts in private!

And Noel… to think that she would cheapen herself like that!

Toby spoke again then. “Like I have mentioned, these videos may not be directly

connected to this trial, it is proof that the real culprits had been using their victims’ dirt

against them, keeping them in line and preventing any resistance. It even appears

that the Stuarts are so used to it they have become incredibly efficient with this


Sean did not argue that, while Toby continued with a slight thrill then, “And now, I shall

present the last piece of vital evidence that would clear my client’s name!”

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