A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 511

Chapter 511

After Fabian was brought back to the courtroom, Toby stood before him and asked,

“Mr. Locke, the ledgers I was provided suggest that you were bankrupted under my

client’s manipulation by December 2020. Why would you only come forward to testify

against my client after so long?”

Fabian scowled right then, as if there was something stopping him from talking.

“May I remind you that you are in a courtroom, Mr. Locke?” Toby said sternly. “You are

under oath to tell the truth.”

Fabian inhaled, as if preparing to spill everything right then.

“I had no choice-John Levine threatened me with my son’s future just after he passed

the exams and earned a place in a prestigious university in Astonia!” Fabian sounded

more frustrated the more he spoke. “He’s my only son, and he’s always been the pride

of our family. John told me that if

I sued, my son won’t be able to graduate. He even gloated that I’m never getting back

my money, and that I should just learn to cope with my loss!”

“Then why did you come forward?” Toby asked.

“Because my son was expelled-yes, it has nothing to do with John Levine, but even if

I am no longer threatened now, being swindled like that and not being able to tell

anyone doesn’t sit well with me! That’s why when I heard they were looking for

witnesses to testify against him, I decided to do it. I’m telling you, John Levine is a

cunning man, cheating us of our money while stopping us from resisting! So many

people are afraid to speak up because he has leverage against them!”

“Do you have any evidence to prove John Levine’s crime?”

“Here,” Fabian whipped out his phone. “You can listen to the voice recording he sent

on WhatsApp.”

Toby took the phone and played the voice recording, and everything was just as

Fabian had described it… although there was a significant issue.

“I’m sure everyone noticed it, but the voice of the person speaking to Mr. Locke is

different from my client—it indicates the usage of a voice changer. It

“Of course he would change his voice! He’s careful enough to not leave evidence!”

Fabian huffed indignantly.

While Fabian was sharp enough to notice that, he did not suspect that the voice was

not John’s-the culprit was smart enough to anticipate that too.

Toby did not argue with Fabian either and provided his own evidence.

“Here’s a software that can restore the original voice,” he said and played the restored

voice recording.

The voice was identical to the voice of the man speaking to Wade before, leaving the

courtroom restless.

“We can also provide official certification to prove the veracity of the software, that this

was no mere fabrication,” Toby said as he submitted the certification. “We had also

used legal hacking technology to access Wade Jonas’ cellphone, which contains full

logs of the dummy account registered under my client’s name, and here’s the video


Toby then played a video of the hacking process, and it clearly showed that the

dummy account with John’s name had a fabricated IP that would trick others into

believing it belonged to John. It had been bound to Wade’s phone as well, and there

were plenty of logs of his contact with many victims.

The longer the trial went on, the more the truth was surfacing.

Everyone was fully focused, worried about missing anything exciting just then.

“In summary, with the evidence of the restoration of the voice recording, Wade had

made a deal where he conspired against my client, impersonating him as he

committed market manipulation and money laundering,” Toby said. “And the person

who had coerced him into this is James Stuart, the heir to Stuart Holdings.”

However, Sean once again presented a rebuttal. “The defense counsel had certainly

provided sufficient evidence that, logically speaking, is sufficient in building a case.

However, there are still inconsistencies, and it still doesn’t clear the defendant of any

wrongdoing. In fact, this may entirely be staged by the defendant, nor is there enough

evidence to implicate the Stuarts-one could even say that it is mere speculation.”

Toby merely nodded at him and said, “Thank you for your input, Mr.

Cranston, but I’m now going to play two videos that would help my case. It might not

have a direct connection to this trial, but it would definitely help as a speculative


Judge Rackham once again gave his approval.

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