A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 510

Chapter 510

As Judge Rackham and the prosecutor read the documents solemnly, the spectators

all held their breaths nervously.

Cordy’s heart could leap out of her throat at this moment-even she was taken by

surprise by the sudden reversal.

All she knew was that John was innocent. She had no idea that the Stuarts were the

ones who committed the crime in the first place!

She suddenly remembered that time when she visited John at the detention centerhow he smiled
confidently and told her that the Stuarts wouldn’t have the strength to


So, this was it.

It turns out that he had been staying with the Stuarts all this time…because he was

gathering evidence of their crimes.

And she had misunderstood his intentions all this while!

Cordy turned her eyes to Sean, unable to think about anything else.

Right now, what she worried about was whether Sean would allow this trial to continue

once it became clear the Stuarts were involved.

Sean may have been unbiased before, but that was because the Stuarts were not


The situation is clearly different now, and Cordy even caught Judge Rackham sliding

glances at Sean more than once, as if waiting for his decision.

Would the trial continue?

Nonetheless, the silence continued for over five minutes until Sean finally confirmed

the veracity of the evidence, and turned towards Toby. “The evidence that the defense

counsel provided does indicate affiliations between those accounts and Stuart

Holdings. However, the fact that Stuart Holdings would pin the crime on John Levine

when they had not been implicated in any way makes the logic debatable.”

While Sean didn’t fully acknowledge the evidence produced by the defendant, it was

obvious he had no intention of ending the trial.

Judge Rackham understood that, and therefore did not call for an adjournment.

“There was another man speaking in the recording that was played just now,” Toby

reminded Sean.

Sean immediately retorted, “Unfortunately, the identity of the other man

notwithstanding, I must reiterate that the recording is too controversial and does not

hold sway as court evidence.”

“In that case, I would like permission to prove the veracity of the recording. Your


Though Toby was speaking to Judge Rackham, Judge Rackham was glancing at

Sean instead.

Seeing a nod from the man, Judge Rackham said, “Permission granted.”

Toby played a video, projecting it at the large screen in the courtroom.

It was short, but the video quality was high and it was completely uncensored, baring

the scandalous scene for all to see and leaving every spectator in the courtroom


The voices in the video were identical with the voice recording just now as well, which

was sufficient proof that the other man had leverage against Wade Jonas, and

succumbed to his threats.


“That is still too questionable to be acceptable as evidence,” Sean said, once again

hitting the nail on the head. “You could have gotten the video, and inserted the

recording after the fact. It still does not verify the recording’s veracity entirely.”

Everyone in the courtroom was impressed by Sean’s keen insight

At this point, most people would be swept along by logical fallacies and jump straight

to conclusions instead of resisting it and considering the issue with cool rationality.

There was a reason the man was the best legal counsel, bar none.

“In that case, if I can prove that using compromising videos for blackmail is the modus

operandi of Stuart Holdings, would my recording hold sway?” Toby asked Sean in


Sean wasn’t about to fall for Toby’s ploy, however. “That depends entirely on the

evidence itself—if it is solid.”

“Thank you, Mr. Cranston,” Toby said, and turned towards Judge Rakcham. “Your

Honor, with your permission, I would like to cross-examine one of the alleged victims,

Fabian Locke.”

“Granted,” Judge Rackham agreed to it immediately-he certainly was no pushover,

not after he climbed the hierarchy to reach where he was today.

Since Sean was going this far, it was obvious he wouldn’t stop until this trial ended

here and today.

And all Judge Rackham could do was play along.

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