A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 503

Chapter 503

When Cordy dialed Zoe’s number, her call was immediately answered by a machine


[The number you have dialed is not recognized. Please check if you have the correct

number and try again.]

Had Zoe changed her number? Did she have her old number deleted?!

What could have been going on between her, Jay, and Bob?

However, there was no doubt that what Bob said was true.

Even if Cordy hadn’t spoken with the man much, it was obvious that he was no liar.

Does that mean there was some sort of misunderstanding between Zoe and Bob?

And what was the deal with Zoe and Jay?

Jay was comatose, while Zoe suddenly went missing…


Cordy came to her senses when Quinn called out to her, suddenly having no idea

what was going on with Zoe.

“Have you been in touch with Zoe lately?” Cordy suddenly asked Quinn.

Quinn paused for a moment.

She was about to ask Cordy why she was standing in the walkway alone, and clearly

looking flustered at that.

Quinn did wonder if it was about John, and was surprised that Cordy would ask about

Zoe instead.

“No,” she replied. “I’ve been busy lately. I occasionally texted her on Whatsapp, but

she wouldn’t reply… I was thinking about calling her when I’m free, but work always

came up, and I’d forget all about it. What’s wrong? Did something happen to her?”

Quinn sounded a little nervous towards the end.

Cordy simply told her, “She broke up with Bob.”

“What?! She never told me!’ Quinn couldn’t hide her agitation. “But why? I thought

things were going great between them! Wait, was Bob messing around with other

women? I knew it-l should’ve warned Zoe to stop Bob from hanging out with Sam-’

“It’s not Bob,* Cordy said, cutting Quinn short. ’Zoe told him she was still into Jay.”

Cordy certainly didn’t want Quinn to blame herself, especially since she considered

Sam irredeemable.

“No way!’ Quinn was even more stunned, probably because she would agree that Zoe

wasn’t someone who would do that.

“Exactly. I’m convinced there’s a misunderstanding between those three. But Zoe’s

gone missing, and Jay’s comatose… We have no way of getting answers now.’ Cordy

sighed. “Right now, I’m worried about where Zoe went.”

“Can’t you reach her by phone?”

“She deleted her number.”

“That means…she really wants to leave everything behind her,” Quinn concluded.

As Cordy looked up at her, Quinn explained, ‘She’s refusing to stay connected with

her past-even with us.’

“What on earth could have happened?”

“I don’t know,’* Quinn murmured, shaking her head silently.

“Would she hurt herself?” Cordy exclaimed in fear.

“No,” Quinn assured her. “She’d never do that.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes,’ Quinn replied. ’We knew each other since children, and I remembered watching

the news with her about a suicide incident. Back then, she told me she’d never do it

even if the world falls apart, and she’d tell me if something changed. Otherwise, her

death would be murder and that I needed to avenge her at all cost.”

Quinn still remembered the childish innocence Zoe had back when she said that. The

girl had shone brilliantly like a small sun, and was completely devoid of darkness.

Still, Cordy remained worried. “Does she even remember something like that from her


“She knows I’d remember, so she wouldn’t have forgotten,” Quinn said confidently.

“And did you forget? She told us that we’re her last resort. She never came to us,

which means she could still hold her own.’

Cordy nodded-Quinn would definitely know Zoe better. Cordy hadn’t known Zoe as

long as Quinn had.

“I’ll do my best to contact Zoe anyway,” Quinn said. ’I’ll inform you if I reach her.”


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