A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 505

Chapter 505

Beside her, Quinn seemed to notice Cordy getting nervous, and said, “Calm down.

The prosecutors only present the evidence and witness statements in the case, and

they couldn’t personally affect the verdict. That’s why they’re fundamentally different

from counsels, who’d do their best to get an advantageous outcome for their clients.

Prosecutors have to stick to facts.”

But what if the prosecutor went against that rule?

“We’d have to wait and see,” Quinn whispered quietly into Gordy’s ear. “We can ask

for a change if there’s proof of prejudice involved in the trial. It’s easy to stir

controversy since the public is really interested in this case, too. II

Cordy nodded.

Right now, they had to watch quietly as everything unfolded.

Still, Cordy couldn’t resist glancing at John.

John had to know who Sean was, since Sean often made the front page in various

media. If Cordy recognized Sean, John would too—in fact, they might have even

rubbed shoulders.

Even so, John wasn’t reacting at all and showed not a hint of nervousness.

Cordy took a deep breath to calm herself.

Sean rose to his feet.

With this towering figure and handsome looks, he had the appearance of someone

sharp yet polite.

Walking to the center, he began with a summary of the case. “On the thirteenth of

February, the prosecution received a tip of the defendant’s criminal conspiracy with

suspects Wade Jonas and Hunter Stevenson. The defendant is accused of using

Levine Ventures as a platform from 2018 to 2021 to consolidate superiority in capital

and information flow, after which he worked with the suspects in securities and futures


“By trading those commodities amongst themselves, they manipulated trade volume

and market pricing, thus generating a false picture of the market. 83 investors were

hence unknowingly deceived into purchasing their securities and futures, generating

an illegal profit of over 1.9 billion dollars. At the same time, they had been assisting

Kersen—an international criminal organization—with their money laundering efforts,

which generated over 1.1 billion dollars in illegal revenue. That brings the defendant’s

criminal revenue to a total of over three billion dollars.”

“On the fourteenth of February, the police commissioner of Rocktown received the

warrant for the defendant’s arrest from the federal court, and thus detained the

defendant while adhering to the legal procedures. With the evidence of criminal

wrongdoing clear, the prosecution hereby requests the approval of prosecutorial


Judge Rackham nodded. “Granted. The prosecution may hence submit any testifying

witnesses or evidence against the defendant.”

Sean passed a document folder to a bailiff. While the bailiff passed it respectfully to

Judge Rackham, Sean said, ‘Permission to bring in the victims and the material

witness to testify.”

“Permission granted.”

A middle-aged man was escorted into the courtroom. The instant he saw John, he

snapped, “John Levine! I’ll kill you! You’re the reason I lost my family, my everything-’

“Order in the court!” Judge Rackham barked, banging his gravel resoundingly. “Watch

your behavior, witness, or you will be removed for contempt!”

The man gritted his teeth, but forced himself to calm down.

Sean calmly asked the man in turn, “Would you please state your name for the


“Fabian Locke,” he replied grumpily.

“What’s your relationship with the defendant?”

“We were partners, but we’re now enemies!” Fabian Locke snarled viciously. ’He

conned me into staking all my wealth into making some risky investments, and I lost

over 300 million dollars because of him!”

“Are you certain he asked you to make the investment? Do you have any evidence to

that effect?”

“Our chat records,” Fabian said, whipping out his phone.

Sean submitted copies of the conversation records to the judges, and didn’t waste

another word as he quickly said, “Thank you for your testimony, Mr. Locke. Your

honor, the prosecution requests permission to bring suspects Wade Jonas and Hunter

Stevenson to the witness stand.”

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