A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 502

Chapter 502

There was a hint of teasing in Sam’s tone, while Cordy’s pupils dilated.

Surprised?! Aghast was more like it!

Bob was dating Zoe, wasn’t he? Why was he suddenly dating Cora?

What was going on here?

“There’s still time before the trial starts,” Bob told Cordy. “Let’s step out for a moment.

I’ll tell you in private.”

“Okay,” Cordy agreed to it immediately.

Sam, however, was less than composed at that. “Hey! Why act all hush- hush? Why

can’t you talk with me around? Aren’t we bros? Bob!”

Bob simply ignored him and left with Cordy.

“Sh*t!” Sam could not help cursing and barking at Bob. “Remember, Bob! Don’t lust

after your brother’s wife!’

Cordy was at a loss for words-it wasn’t surprising that Zoe was always so mean

towards Sam.

Even if parents could name their child poorly, there was some truth to name-calling!

At the same time, Cordy and Bob stepped outside the courtroom to one of the

walkways, where Bob cut straight to the point. “Zoe and I broke up.”

“Why?” Cordy had a hunch, but she didn’t get it.

Bob smiled faintly. “She never liked me. It was always Jay for her, and she was just

being grateful to me… I had to let her go and give them my blessings.”

Even though Bob seemed thoroughly wounded in contrast to his usual cheerful

demeanor, Cordy was still doubtful. “You’re saying Zoe’s still into Jay?”

From what Cordy knew, Zoe wasn’t the type who would toy with her partner in a

relationship-she decided to be with Bob, and would therefore have given up on all her

hopes in Jay.

And Jay was still comatose after that accident, wasn’t he?

Did Zoe even know? Did she go to him?

“As long as she’s happy,” Bob said dolefully. “As for me… Well, I’m fine with anything.”

“So that’s why you’re dating Cora now?” Cordy asked, putting aside her doubts-only

Zoe knew the truth, and Bob might not even be privy to it.

“Yeah.” Bob nodded. “My parents are really eager to have us get together, and I

agreed to it.”

“Bob, relationships aren’t a game,” Cordy told him. “Even if you’ve broken up with

Zoe, you should calm yourself first instead of starting another relationship so hastily…”

“It’s alright,” Bob said, completely nonchalant. “I’m fine with anyone, now that it’s

obvious it’s never going to be Zoe.”

Cordy had more to say, but Bob continued somberly, “That’s all about Zoe and myself.

We never went public anyway, so I hope you can keep this secret for me… Just

pretend we’ve never dated.”

“Okay.” Cordy nodded, since there was no way she would tell anyone about that


“If you see Quinn, please tell her what happened on my behalf too.”


“Alright. I’m going back inside now,” Bob said, turning to leave.

Cordy watched as he left, suddenly having this feeling that Bob was incapable of

smiling or being happy ever again.

Turning away, she whipped out her phone to call Zoe’s number.

It had been a long time since they contacted each other. Cordy was afraid she would

blab about Jay and affect Zoe’s relationship with Bob.

But at this very moment, she had no such concerns.

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