A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 504

Chapter 504

Quinn then said, “The trial’s starting soon. Let’s go in.” “Oh, right. What brings you

here?” Cordy asked casually, since Quinn wasn’t that close with John.

“I’m just auditing, I guess.”

With a start, Cordy realized she almost forgot that Quinn was a lawyer, and how sharp

Quinn looked when defending Cordy in her own trial.

They both entered the courtroom, recovering their composure once they entered.

After all, they were both used to staying stoic when others were around.

As they sat down together beside Bob, Sam seemed to turn to look at Quinn for a

moment, but ultimately said nothing.

She didn’t look his way either, staring straight ahead at the judge’s bench even though

the judiciary panel hadn’t shown up yet.

Soon, people started to file inside. Cordy blinked when she saw John.

He seemed to have lost even more weight since she last saw him, and now, he was

all bones.

Adding to his height, it looked like a strong gust would be enough to knock him off his


Cordy restrained herself, even though Bob and Sam were twitching in their stands,

unable to stand how skinny John was now.

Sam even grumbled out loud, “What did they put him through? Can’t the other Levines

at least help him out?”

Bob said nothing, but he was obviously feeling terrible too.

“Not with the Stuarts watching,” Cordy said.

Sam glanced at Cordy, but ultimately said nothing-he couldn’t, when John made his


At the same time, John walked towards the dock.

He looked up then, and happened to meet Gordy’s eyes.

Tears started to well in her eyes, but John simply curled his lips up in a grin, offering


“He can still smile in this situation, huh?” Sam shook his head disapprovingly.

Probably feeling that he was talking too much, Quinn turned to tell him and

admonished, “Be quiet. You’re in a courtroom.”

Sam rolled his eyes, but he actually kept quiet as the trial began.

Everyone rose to their feet as the presiding judge. Judge Rackham, entered the

courtroom, while a bailiff read the court proceedings.

With that, the trial began with the prosecutor describing the circumstances of the


Everyone was soon surprised to find that the leading prosecutor was Sean Cranstonthe eldest son of
the richest family in the nation and also the brother of Fred Cranston,

Jessica Stuart’s fiance.

He was also the nation’s best legal counsel—bar none, having gone undefeated in

any of the cases he took on.

And yet, this was the first time in his career he appeared in court as a prosecutor,

leaving the crowd gasping and restless.

Cordy was naturally nervous, since Sean taking the case personally was completely

unfair to John.

Moreover, it was likely that the Cranstons were out to hurt John for Jessica’s sake!

Does the connection not cause suspicion at all?

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