A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 498

Chapter 498

Cordy was amongst the many who submitted tenders to acquire Levine Ventures.

She wasn’t interested in the Levines’ estate, but she was convinced that she needed

to save something for Dicky.

Who knows? A spark might be all it takes to keep a fire going.

Moreover, she was still partners with Patrick, who was eager to acquire Levine

Ventures too. He certainly offered her as much financial backing as she needed, and

they often discussed which subsidiary or shares to acquire for a successful


It was also customary for Patrick to provide her with certain insider information after

business discussions. Though he appeared to do it out of the goodness of his heart,

Cordy had the feeling that he simply liked to gossip like some housewives would.

“Jessica will be announcing her new engagement in a few days just then,” Patrick


Cordy frowned.

She heard before from Patrick that Jessica was quickly brought to heel by her own

family, but this development was still way too fast!

John still hadn’t been put on trial, yet Jessica was already getting married again?

“Which family is it this time?” Cordy asked.

She had asked Patrick before, and his reply before had been he didn’t know until now.

He would never keep anything from Cordy either, since it was pointless. Plus, she

didn’t have that much influence.

“The Cranstons from the capital,” Patrick breathed solemnly.

Cordy’s brow furrowed.

The Cranstons were the richest family in the country, while the Stuarts were only the

fourth even with all their wealth and influence.

And now, they managed to catch on to the Cranstons’ coattails?!

However, that was just the Stuarts’ style-with John not being an option now, they had

to find someone better or it would be a slap in their faces.

“Don’t you find that threatening?” Cordy asked Patrick.

After all, William Stuart had been playing by the rules before, building relations with

politicians using his own methods while maintaining a monopoly in business. Now, he

was directly leapfrogging by riding the coattails of another powerful family; once he

succeeded, he would easily knock money off his perch.

“Of course. Didn’t you notice that I’ve been checking in on you less these days?”

Patrick admitted.

In fact, his side of the family had gotten flustered when they found out that Jessica

would be marrying the third son of the Cranstons.

“Well, do you have a plan?” Cordy asked.

“It’s all cloak and dagger stuff,” Patrick replied, ‘so I won’t say anything for now.”

Cordy didn’t ask either, since ignorance was bliss and she didn’t want to burden


“By the way, John’s trial is in half a month. Has he gathered evidence for his case? If

he doesn’t have anything to prove his innocence, the huge capital involved means it’d

either be 25-to-life or a life sentence.”

Cordy bit her lip.

She actually didn’t visit John much, but each time she did, the feeling she got from

him was that he would be fine.

She did wonder before where he got such confidence, but now, her only option was to

believe in him.

“Well, we had two months of peace, and the nagging feeling of an impending

bloodbath returns,” Patrick sighed. “Fortunately, the Stuarts are keeping Jessica on a

tight leash, or she’d have harassed you by now. Her family, however, would definitely

be worried she’d lose it and in turn affect her wedding with Fred Cranston.”

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