A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 493

Chapter 493

Cordy snapped in annoyance, ’Just worry about yourself for now.’

However, John’s confidence afforded her slight relief.

After all, John wouldn’t go so far as to really destroy himself just to get his

engagement annulled.

No person could be that stupid, and John was always above the rest.

She simply took it as him keeping his trump card for the time being.

“I’m going now,” she said, rising to her feet-she had the answer she wanted, and that

was enough for her.

“Cordy,’ he suddenly stopped her, his voice a little quiet, as if he was sentimental.

Cordy paused, and turned around to look at him. “Is there something else?”

“Take good care of Dicky for the time being.”

“I know.”

“And yourself.”

“I’ve always been very good at that.”

“Don’t fall for other men either,’ John reminded her.

Cordy was speechless.

At this juncture?!

John then finished, “I’ll woo you again when I’m out.”

“I won’t be waiting for long,” she replied.

John blinked, and Cordy clearly saw the dazzling flicker in his eyes.

She quickly turned her back on him, blushing ever so slightly.

Just as she left, she could hear John say, “That’s a promise.”

Cordy breathed a deep sigh of relief as she stepped out of the detention center.

Even though John’s words were assuring, she wasn’t entirely relieved- there was

something that seemed to remain stuck to her chest, and she could not get it out.

She headed towards her car when she suddenly noticed a familiar figure.

Jessica Stuart.

She had not shown her face in public ever since John was arrested. The official

statement from the Stuarts was that she took the news very badly, and was left

bedridden with illness.

While she was not ill, she definitely took the news badly-even now, her face was pale.

Naturally, Cordy didn’t care about her at all, but was still perplexed as to why Jessica

would come to North City to visit John.

Why did she leave Rocktown? Did her family even allow that?

Despite those questions, Cordy didn’t talk to Jessica and simply strode past her.

“Cordy Sachs,” Jessica called out to her, her tone hostile.


“Were you visiting John?”

“Is there a problem?”

“What gives you the right?!” Jessica suddenly cried out in agitation.

“Your engagement with him was annulled, and he’s now single. Is there an issue with

me seeing him?”

“You did this to him! And you’d still show your face?”

Cordy pursed her lips, suddenly stumped by Jessica’s outburst.

“John committed those crimes for your sake, didn’t he? It’s all so that my family would

annul my engagement on their own volition! Just so he could leave me! How could he

reject me, even if it would cost him his life?’

Jessica became more hysterical the more he spoke, her rage barely controllable.

Cordy shrugged. ’That’s your business with him. So ask him.”

“I will make you suffer, Cordy Sachs! I’ll bury you if anything happens to John!’

With those words, Jessica strode off, and Cordy simply watched as she went.

There was no question that Jessica loved John, but the Stuarts only cared about

gaining something out of any relationship.

Therefore, once John became worthless, Jessica’s one-sided affection would

inevitably end tragically!

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