A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 492

Chapter 492

As with everything else in the world, every netizen had an opinion.

Some believed the Stuarts were selfish, bailing at the first sign of trouble and acting

utterly heartless.

Others believed the Stuarts’ actions to be just, because crime was no tribulation to be

weathered-the only thing it deserved was swift and decisive punishment.

Naturally, most sided with Stuarts since they had power, whereas the Levines didn’t

even have a say now…

Five days later, Patrick texted Cordy, informing her that John was transported back to

North City while also sending her the place where he was being held.

She hesitated for a while, but eventually went anyway.

Patrick must’ve pulled some strings ahead of time, since she was allowed to meet

John without any issue.

And yet, they were both sitting face-to-face in a suffocating silence as Cordy suddenly

had no idea what she was supposed to talk to John about.

His haggard look also involved a slight pain in her.

In the end, she couldn’t resist asking, “Are the charges against you real?”

She wanted the truth.

“No,” John replied.

Cordy’s heart skipped a beat. “You did it just to have the wedding annulled? It



“So that everyone can step aside without getting hurt.”

“But what about you?” Cordy asked, hardly repressing emotions.

“Do you care?” John suddenly smiled.

Though life seemed to hit him hard, with his lips now surrounded with stubble, his

smile remained handsome despite his bleak situation.

Cordy didn’t answer, however, since it was pointless to talk about things like that now.

She had learned from Patrick that the charges involved embezzlement of up to 3

billion dollars, and John’s fate was certainly sealed.

Even so, she couldn’t help snapping angrily, “How is this different from whether you

married Jessica? To me, it’s all the same!”

“Were you worried I’d get killed?” John asked again, thinking nothing of her rage.

“No, I’m not,” Cordy said calmly. ’I just find this unfair for Dicky because he had to

suffer an irresponsible father. But that’s not an issue—I’ll be more careful next time,

and find him a better daddy.”

“I’m not dead yet, and you’re already planning ahead without me?’ John scoffed.

“I’m not joking.”

“I’m not going anywhere,” John said, plainly and clearly. “The criminal charges won’t

hold, and that means I’d eventually be free. This is the only way to make the Stuarts

annul the engagement.”

“And then, what? Once they found out that you tricked them, what do you think they’d

do?” Cordy asked in return.

“By then, they wouldn’t have the ability to do a thing.”

Cordy frowned, sensing something was afoot.

Still, John told her, “Just being aware of that is enough. As long as I breathe, Cordy, I

won’t let Dicky have another daddy.”

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