A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 488

Chapter 488

The days went by without anything out of the ordinary occurring… Until one day, when

every article and news piece was reporting about John Levine and Jessica Stuart’s

grand wedding.

Just three more days? That was quick.

Nonetheless, Cordy put away her phone and rose to her feet, leaving her office for

another meeting just then.

The four bodyguards Patrick arranged for her followed her as if it was natural. They

really did stick with her ever since Patrick sent them-save for when she went to the

ladies room or was changing clothes.

Neither she nor her employees were used to it at first, but she eventually got used to


During the meeting, Noel kept calling her, but Cordy simply rejected every call and

muted her phone.

After all, she knew all too well the only reason Noel would call her now was to gloat

since in the end, Jessica Stuart was the one who would be with John Levine.

And since Noel was now Jessica’s lapdog…

But if Cordy were to be honest, she had no idea how long Noel would survive on that

path. After all, Noel would die horribly once she had served her purpose.

Over at Sachs Enterprises, Noel was fuming as she stared at her phone.

How dare Cordy refuse her calls!

But there was no doubt about it-she wanted to gloat!

After all, it was Cordy who kept strutting, only to end up losing so thoroughly!

Noel lowered her phone; she was actually still in a good mood, even if she couldn’t

gloat at Cordy.

She was there, sitting in her grand, spacious office without having to suffer anyone


She never felt as amazing as she did now. The feeling only got more cathartic

whenever she saw the terrible look on her own family’s face.

They probably never expected the day would come when she would give them such a

resounding slap in the face. Still, they deserved it for favoring their son over her for no


Her phone suddenly rang, and she answered it with a fawning tone, “Miss Stuart.”

“There’s a private dinner tomorrow night. Come to Rocktown.”

“But I have an appointment today-”

“You better know your place, Noel Sachs. You have no place to argue.”

Noel was left clenching on her phone, while Jessica continued, “Remember to make

yourself look pretty. Don’t force me to teach you what to do.”

And once she had her say, Jesisca hung up. Noel clenched her teeth.

Every month, Jessica would always call Noel to Rocktown for a couple days, where

she would be forced to entertain stinking old men who boasted wealth or influence.

She would be sacrificing her own body to draw them to the Stuarts’ cause, or they

would have her film compromising videos of herself with certain individuals they

wanted leverage against.

Either way, Noel was doing everything that was vile and unsavory, even though she

would be left sickened and retching every single time… But for the sake of keeping up

appearances, she couldn’t refuse.

Fury flared in her eyes again. Noel convinced herself that Cordy was the reason all of

this happened.

If not for Cordy, she wouldn’t have been desperate for instant success, and she

certainly wouldn’t have fallen so far!

However, Jessica would never abide by Cordy’s existence, just as Noel refused to

believe that Cordy could continue to shine.

Noel just had to wait for Cordy’s comeuppance.

Three days later, John and Jessica’s wedding was being covered by every media

outlet and topped every search trend in the nation, with every video sharing site

competing for coverage.

Since there was a full public live stream available, every netizen had tapped into it

early on from their phones.

Cordy was no exception, though she was just doing it out of boredom since it was the


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