A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 486

Chapter 486

Nonetheless, Jessica didn’t give up. “Do you think you’d still be a Stuart if you did

this? That your grandfather could defend you for this? Forget your grandfather-you’d

be arrested! And that would be the end of your family!”

“If you put it that way…” Patrick muttered, clearly hesitant.

Jessica’s eyes flashed with smugness, pleased by her own cunningness.

When it comes to the Stuarts, they never did care who they hurt and would bury their

conscience when they stood to gain from something.

Cordy saved Patrick’s life, but so what? They would abandon family at the drop of a


However, that was the same reasoning that foiled Jessica’s ploy, as Patrick suddenly

said, ’Actually, it just occurred to me… If this stalemate continued, your grandfather or

brother would order you to kill Cordy anyway. I’d kill you in retaliation, which gives

them the excuse to have me arrested immediately, since that would leave my family

leaderless and powerless against yours. They’d kill so many birds with one stone, so

it’s natural they’d love to see that happen, don’t you think?”

Jessica’s expression darkened. A shiver crept down her spine.

After all, Patrick’s scenario was very logical-it was very likely to happen, even if it was

not 100% assured.

If this stalemate continued long enough that William Stuart or James Stuart found out,

they would send the order.

The bodyguards she had were ultimately loyal to William, and would carry out his

orders without fail.

“Dear cousin, you don’t have that much time to consider,” Patrick soon reminded her.

Jessica gritted her teeth, reluctant to suffer yet another defeat.

Even so, she refused to give her life just to have Cordy killed. That b*tch’s existence

was far less than hers in importance!

Even if she had already made up her mind, she was too frustrated to relent. “What is it

about Cordy that you’d go that far for her?! You’re giving up on your own life! You…and


“I don’t know what John thinks,” Patrick admitted. “But Cordy saved me. I actually

have your family to thank for this, since you’ve all been so relentless in trying to take

me out… I wouldn’t have built a fire-forged friendship with her otherwise.”

With that, he hurried Jessica. “So? Do you still need more time to consider? H

It was an obvious reminder to her that time was limited, or it would soon be too late for


Jessica clenched her teeth.

Try as she might, she was unable to say the words at the tip of her tongue.

Eventually, she clenched her fists as she withheld her inconsolable rage and snapped

at the men behind her, “Let Cordy Sachs go!”

With that, Cordy limped out of the room on her crutches, and headed straight towards


Jessica watched as Cordy went, her face contorted with frustration and fury.

Nonetheless, she was forced to look on as Cordy left with Patrick, with Patrick’s

bodyguards filing out soon after.Jeaving Jessica by herself.

She turned to find her bodyguard on her phone, answering several questions before

hanging up.

“Who was that?” Jessica asked.

“It’s your brother, ma’am.”

“What did he say?”

“He was asking if Patrick left with Cordy Sachs…”

Jessica scowled. ’And?” “I told them he did, and your brother hung up.’

Jessica bit her lip, her heart still pounding from surviving that close shave.

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