A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 475

Chapter 475

John sat down on the couch in his room.

As it turned out, he already got his first-aid kit out.

Cordy wondered if he would’ve done it himself if she never came in.

However, she was the reason he got injured, which was why she ultimately didn’t


She took out an iodine and a tube of anti-inflammatory cream, dropping to a crouch to

apply everything on the injured area-which definitely was infected.

“You should be more careful,’ she told him.

“It’s not a spot you can always keep your eye on,” John replied feebly.

Cordy didn’t argue, and went to work solemnly to disinfect the affected area.

“Ugh!” John suddenly grunted.

“Does it hurt?” Cordy asked.

“Nope,” John said stubbornly-but it certainly did, because it was his inner thigh.

Cordy didn’t say anything, but she did ease the pressure.

The room was silent, but Cordy was working too seriously to notice anything else.

After she disinfected the wound, applied the cream and bandaged it, she looked up to

see the strange gaze in John’s eyes.

Her heart skipped a beat, as she finally realized that their positions were a little


Cordy flushed as she quickly rose to her feet, feigning composure as she said

casually, ’It’s done. Just be careful not to get it wet, or rub on it too much when you


“Yeah,” John replied, obviously restraining himself considerably.

Cordy turned to pack everything into the first-aid kit and pretended not to notice.

Deciding that talking about something serious would clear the air, she arranged the

bottles in the box and asked, “How’s Jay doing?”

“If there’s nothing surprising, he’ll be safe under expert care while he’s abroad,” John

replied. “However, he’s still comatose, and the experts decided that the clot in his

head should be treated carefully for now. They’ll observe it and see if it shrinks on its

own, since craniotomy extraction poses a huge risk. They won’t do it lightly.’

“Does that mean Jay won’t wake up if the clot can’t be extracted, or if it doesn’t

shrink?” Cordy asked.

John nodded. “In theory.’

“And you’re leaving him abroad, alone?’ Cordy asked worriedly.

“There are no other further arrangements at the moment, and he’s more or less

stable, so there’s no point in me staying abroad,” John replied. “That’s why I’m back—

my grandfather’s still there keeping him company, since he’s retired and has nothing

else to do.’

Cordy nodded. Putting more people wouldn’t help Jay, anyway.

They could only pray that his kind soul was blessed with good luck to weather through

this tribulation.

After packing the first-aid kit, Cordy limped to the washroom on her crutches to wash

her hands, since it was unavoidable to get cream on her hand.

She had just entered when she found a pair of black boxers beside the tap, and was

left feeling a little awkward.

John suddenly entered, grabbed the boxers, and threw it into a waste bin nearby in

one swift stroke

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