A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 473

Chapter 473

“Just calm down for now,” John said, trying to assure Cordy. “Jessica won’t do

anything to Dicky.”

“You trust her so much, huh?!” Cordy shot back, angry.

“Not at the moment, no,” John said, his every word determined.

“She let Dicky get hurt!”

“Children get themselves hurt all the time. It’s normal.”

Cordy’s fingers clenched on his phone, her rage hardly repressible.

“Don’t go anywhere without me around,’ John said calmly. ’Jessica won’t hurt Dicky,

but she will hurt you.’

Cordy hung up right there and then-she never could calm down when Dicky was


Even so, she had no way to fight back against John.

John returned in two days, just as he promised.

Cordy was a light sleeper. She heard the noise outside, but didn’t get out of bed. In

fact, she simply tossed around and kept sleeping despite hearing the door being

sneakily opened.

She pretended to stay asleep, reluctant to entertain the interloper.

That was when she felt a weight pressing on the bed beside her, and she became

irritated right then.

Already annoyed, she turned around rather abruptly, but paused immediately when

she saw the beaming little face.

“Mommy!’ Dicky greeted her with his sweet tiny voice, and promptly threw his little

body up to her, his hands around her neck.

Feeling his tender little body, Cordy’s heart turned soft.

“Did you miss me, Mommy? I missed you so much!” Dicky complained as he wrapped

his little arms around her neck. “Jessica insisted that I come to Rocktown, but I didn’t

want to… But I couldn’t wait to see you when daddy told me you’re here!”

“Your daddy brought you here? At this hour?”

“Yeah!” Dicky exclaimed as he released Cordy’s neck and looked her in the eye. “I

was sleeping soundly, but Daddy suddenly told me that we’re

coming to see you right now, so I don’t feel sleepy anymore. Did I wake you up,


“No.” Cordy smiled faintly, and caressed her son’s fair little cheeks.

Remembering something else, she asked, “How’s your leg?”

“I’m fine,” Dicky said quickly. “It’s just a little sprain, and it didn’t hurt the next day after

I went to the hospital.”

So it really was a minor injury. Jessica had exaggerated it just to upset Cordy.

“Mommy,’ Dicky yawned just then. “Can I sleep with you? I’m very sleepy.”

“Okay,” Cordy said quickly. ’I’ll help you out of your jacket.”

“Thank you, Mommy. I love you so much!”

That was slick!

Nonetheless, they soon nestled together in the blanket, with Dicky leaning into her

arms. “I like sleeping with you, Mommy. You smell so sweet.”

“It’s late now.” Cordy smiled. “Close your eyes and sleep.”

“Okay. Goodnight, Mommy.’

“Goodnight, Dicky.”

As the room turned quiet, Dicky yawned repeatedly and fell asleep in less than a


Cordy certainly felt envy towards children’s ability to fall asleep, and tucked him in

since she couldn’t fall asleep now.

It had been exceedingly boring staying here, so she occasionally got some work done

on her laptop. Even so, that still left her with too much free time. That meant she

would be napping a lot during the day, and in turn lose sleep by night.

Naturally, a lot of different things would cross her mind as she idled, including the

argument she had with John two days ago.

When Cordy calmed down, she realized Jessica really wouldn’t do anything to Dickyin fact, Jessica had
every reason to curry the boy’s favor given present


In other words, Cordy had lost her cool that day, but that was exactly why Jessica did

it. Jessica knew it would upset Cordy, hence she deliberately caused a rift between

Cordy and John.

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