A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 471

Chapter 471

A day had passed, but there was still no coverage of Jay’s accident in the news.

Curious, Cordy couldn’t resist texting John.

[How’s Jay doing?]

There were no replies for several minutes, until Jessica called her on Whatsapp.

They never traded contact information, so Cordy hesitated before answering.

“Cordy, John’s busy and couldn’t reply to your text. He told me to call you,’ Jessica

said, sounding rather tired.

So Jessica went home with John and even spent the night with him?

“How is Jay doing?” Cordy asked calmly, since Jay’s condition mattered to her more.

“He’s been in a coma since he left surgery,’ Jessica replied. “The doctors are saying

that he might stay a vegetable, but there’s hope. John brought in a team of experts

from abroad who just went to examine Jay. He’s staying with them to discuss Jay’s

treatment in more detail.”

“Is the situation that bad?” Cordy asked worriedly.

“Yeah,” Jessica admitted. “His heart stopped twice during surgery, but they managed

to save him. His blood pressure is low, and I don’t have the specifics… I don’t think I

can tell how he’d do, and the final outcome is up to the experts. Don’t worry, I’ll

contact you if anything comes up.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

And with that cordial exchange, Cordy hung up.

She didn’t expect Jay to be in such bad shape.

Over the next couple days, Jessica really did send updates on Jay to Cordy via text

message from time to time. Cordy was n’t sure if Jessica was doing it out of the

goodness of her heart or because she simply didn’t want Cordy to bother John.

However, Cordy didn’t ask for more since being updated was enough for her.

When she was going to sleep in the evening, John called her.

He actually never contacted her over the last three days, perhaps actually aware that

Jessica had been updating Cordy on Jay’s condition.

“I’m going abroad with Jay,’ he told her. “North City’s medical equipment and

technology is limited, but he’s stable enough to be moved. We’ll be boarding our plane

for better treatment elsewhere.”

“What do you mean, stable?’ Cordy asked, catching on to the point.

“He’s not in danger, but he’s fully comatose. There’s a clot in his head that’s pressing

against an artery, which is preventing him from waking up. It poses a possible danger

to his life. There’s no doctor in the world who would operate on him under such

conditions, so the only option is to move him abroad and keep his vitals stable with

advanced medical technology before performing a craniotomy according to the


“Oh, I see.” Cordy nodded.

In other words, Jay’s vitals were stable, but dangers could strike at any moment and

kill him.

“Would Jessica go with you?” Cordy suddenly asked before hanging up.

It wasn’t as if she cared, but she could just ask Jessica for updates on Jay instead of

bothering John.

“No,” John said shortly.


“Wait until I return.”

Cordy hung up immediately without answering.

The next night, John texted her on Whatsapp to inform her that they touched down


The next morning afterwards, she was left staring at a photo of Jessica taking Dicky to

Rocktown in her chat with Jessica.

Jessica looked utterly tender while she hugged Dicky in her private jet as she took the

photo, even though the boy appeared utterly reluctant. His little face was almost

snobbish, but it didn’t distort his exceedingly good looking facial features.

The caption on the photo read: [The first winter break for a grade-schooler! Daddy is

away busy, so the mother and child are on their own.] Cordy’s fingers tightened

around her phone.

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