A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 469

Chapter 469

It was midnight, and there were still no signs of Jay. Zoe didn’t bother waiting for him

any longer.

In fact, his non-appearance spoke for itself.

Despite that, she still sent a message to him to ask, [Are you coming back?]

There was no reply to it.

The following morning, Zoe called Clara. After moving into the house Bob had given

them, Clara no longer resided there but went on to work.

Perhaps she knew that Zoe didn’t like seeing her and left.

The two had not kept in touch after she left either.

Zoe hadn’t wanted to get too involved with Clara, and Clara was probably too

embarrassed to meet her.

This was the first time Zoe had initiated a phone call to Clara. She could hear the

tremble in Clara’s voice as she answered, ’…Zoe?”

The uncertainty in Clara’s voice was as clear as day.

“Yeah. I’m just letting you know that I’m leaving North City,” Zoe said calmly.

Zoe didn’t know exactly why she was letting Clara know about her decision. Maybe

because she was the only family Zoe had left in the world.

Clara was a little surprised, but she anxiously asked, “What’s wrong? Has something

happened? Did something happen between you and Bob?”

“Bob and I have broken up.”

“What? What happened?”

“That’s none of your concern,” Zoe said coldly.

Silence suddenly fell on the other end, and Zoe pursed her lips. She could feel that

Clara was hurt but couldn’t bring herself to be genuinely nice to the woman on the

other end. Zoe couldn’t even muster the energy to be courteous with her.

“Jeffrey is now in mandatory drug rehabilitation. If nothing goes wrong, he’ll be out in

three years,” Zoe added coldly.

Jeffrey Crawford was Clara’s husband. After Bob had Zoe move out, he also sent

people to arrest Jeffrey, eliminating any trouble forthem. But drug rehab was usually

three to five years. With good behavior, it was still possible that one would be released


“I won’t have any objections if you want to continue staying in North City, but if you

want to leave, give me your ID information, and I’ll buy a ticket for you.”

“I’ll go with you,” Clara hastily said without hesitation.

She hadn’t even asked where Zoe was going.

Zoe pressed her lips together. It was hard to describe what she felt at this moment. It

also wasn’t clear whether Zoe had wanted Clara to come with her or not.

But since the words had already been said, Zoe said, “After you send me your

information, pack your things. I’ll probably get tickets for the train at three. Time is


“Okay. I don’t have many things, so I’ll get packing right away.’

Zoe hung up after that.

She could feel various emotions washing over her.

Not only her feelings toward Clara, but also the city.

After all, she had lived in this city for twenty-five years.

She pulled back the curtains and stood before the floor-to-ceiling windows as she

looked out into the bright scenery.

It was extraordinarily cold in North City this year.

It had snowed heavily last night. Even though the road cleaners had cleared most of it

away today, there was still snow on the trees, and everything was white.

Zoe took a deep breath. Looking down at her phone, she prepared to send a message

to Cordy and Quinn.

Her fingers hovered over the buttons, but then she gave up. She would wait until she

had settled down somewhere before she messaged them.

Right now, she was determined to leave North City and didn’t want to falter.

There really was nothing left in this place that was worth her time,

The only thing that was probably the fact that she still owed Bob. But leaving was the

best thing she could do for him.

Time would heal everything.

At Rocktown, John and Cordy were having breakfast together.

These days, John would also go out. It wasn’t often, and he wouldn’t stay out for long.

Also, every time he returned, the first thing he would do was changed clothes so that

the smell from outside would not linger on him.

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