A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 457

Chapter 457

The two of them stared at each other for a while.

Yulia was the first to open her mouth. “It’s you, Zoe York.”

She surveyed Zoe from head to toe.

It felt as if she noticed a difference from when she last saw her.

“Are you looking for me?” Zoe remained calm and asked her.

“Who else, if not you? Or should I be looking for Bob?” Yulia said sarcastically.

The fact that Yulia appeared here meant that she knew about her relationship with


“Come in,” Zoe said, inviting Yulia in. “No need to take off your shoes. I don’t have

extra slippers.”

Yulia entered her apartment and looked around. It was neither huge nor luxurious, but

it was very warm and inviting.

She sat on the couch as Zoe poured her a glass of water.

She did not expect Zoe to be in an even better shape after what happened to her


Was it because of Bob?!

Yulia said imperturbably, “Did Bob buy this apartment?”

She was glad that Bob was the one who bought it. Otherwise, she would not have

known that he had a girlfriend hidden away.

When she heard from Bob today that he had a girlfriend, she immediately went on

high alert. Even if Bob refused to tell her who she was, she had to find out for herself

and see if she was fit for Bob!

Marriages in wealthy and plutocrat families were never just about the couple. It could

even affect the entire commercial circle.

She never expected that it would be Zoe.

She was disappointed yet relieved at the same time.

She knew that Bob had feelings for Zoe when he was younger. There was once he

even cried on her shoulders, lamenting that Zoe did not love him back. She took it as

campus romance and did not think much of it, though she did consider matchmaking

the both of them since they were a good match in terms of family backgrounds.

But as fate would have it…

“Yes,” Zoe replied honestly.

It was not like she could hide the truth from Yulia anyway.

It was easy as pie for Yulia to find out who owned this apartment.

“How long have you been together with Bob?”

“For three to four months.”

“In other words…he got together with you right after that incident happened to you.”

Yulia traced back.

“Something like that.”

“Bob really knows how to seize the opportunity,” Yulia said sarcastically.

Zoe pursed her lips as she remained silent.

“I won’t approve of your relationship.” Yulia did not want to waste anymore time and

went straight to the point.

Zoe expected Yulia to say that.

Now that she had nothing to her name, not even with her relationship with Nancy, she

did not expect Yulia to approve of her being with Bob.

“Although this isn’t going to sound convincing, Bob and I truly love each other. He’ll

hate you if you insist on breaking us apart.”

Yulia looked at Zoe. Even without the aura of the Levines, the look in her eyes was

determined, calm, and composed.

She had more poise and elegance compared to Cora indeed.

Such demeanor required time to be built up and was not something that could just

come by in a matter of days or even years.

“You grew up in the circle of wealth yourself. Between his hatred toward me and his

future prospects, what do you think I’ll choose?” Instead of getting mad, Yulia

counterquestioned Zoe calmly.

Zoe bit her lip.

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