A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 455

Chapter 455

Zoe handed Jay a glass of water. “Have a drink.”

Jay looked up at Zoe and took it over. “Thanks.”

Whenever the both of them were alone with each other, things always felt somewhat


“It’s getting late. Go back earlier. I’ll take care of Bob. Thank you for tonight,” Zoe said

with sincerity.

She was truly thankful that Jay sent Bob back and helped him to the washroom, wiped

him clean, and got him changed.

“Don’t mention it. Bob is my friend too.”

“Anyway, it’s really getting late.” Zoe did not want to exchange any more pleasantries

with Jay.

She was clearly chasing him away.

Jay walked out of Zoe’s bedroom toward the living room, and Zoe walked alongside

him to the door out of courtesy.

When Jay stepped out of the door, he turned around, wanting to tell her to rest early

and show some concern.

But before he could utter a word, the door shut in his face.

She really did not want to see him anymore.

Jay simply stared at the door before finally snapping back to reality. He slowly walked

into the elevator.

He walked aimlessly around the district. It was snowing again in North City.

Tiny snowflakes drifted in the cold air, so tiny they were almost imperceptible by the

human eye.

Just like the cracks in his heart that he did not dare to reveal to anyone.

The next day, Bob woke up with a throbbing headache.

He looked around him before finally realizing that he was in Zoe’s apartment.

He immediately pulled open the sheets and got out of bed. He walked out and saw

Zoe preparing breakfast in her openconcept kitchen. She smiled upon seeing him


Her eyes shone like crescents in the night sky, melting his heart.

“Finally awake?” Zoe asked.

“Last night, I…”

“You were as drunk as a dead horse.” Zoe didn’t mince her words.

“I, L.lt’s all because of Sam’s dog.” Bob vented his anger on Sam.

Zoe placed two portions of breakfast on the table. “Alright, we scolded him through

the whole of last night, his ears are probably ringing from our nagging. Don’t drink so

much in

the future.”

“Okay.” Bob nodded obediently.

He sat down to enjoy the breakfast that Zoe prepared.

He was full of praise for the food the moment he had a bite of it. “Delicious, so

delicious. It’s the best in this world…”

Zoe was speechless.

It was pointless letting Bob critique her cooking skills.

“How did I come here last night?” Bob suddenly asked as he continued with his food.

Zoe’s grip tightened over her utensils, but she said calmly,” Jay sent you back.”

Bob’s eyes widened in surprise.

“He’ll know about it sooner or later anyway,” Zoe said frankly. She suddenly

remembered something. “Oh no, I forgot to remind Jay not to tell others. If Ms. Levine

were to find out…”

“Jay knows his boundaries and what to say and what not to say,” Bob trusted him


The only thing he was worried about was whether Zoe still had feelings for Jay…

Suddenly, the phone rang.

It was Bob’s.

He immediately went to the bedroom to retrieve his phone and answer the call.


“You didn’t come home last night!” she yelled from the other end.

Over the years, Bob would always go home for the night, no matter how late he

stayed out.

“I was drunk and stayed with Sam…”

“Where’s Cora?” Yulia yelled once more, refusing to hear Bob out.

Bob glanced at Zoe.

Zoe was enjoying her breakfast at a leisurely pace.

Bob gestured to Zoe and headed to the balcony to continue the call.

“Mom, I don’t have feelings for Cora. Can you stop trying to matchmake us?” Bob said


“What do you mean by that? Although Cora didn’t grow up in the Levine household,

she’s still Nancy Levine’s biological daughter. The Levines are powerful and rich.

What’s more, aren’t you good friends with John Levine? Isn’t it perfect if you married

his cousin?!”

“The fact that we’re friends has nothing to do with matters of the heart, they are two

separate issues.”

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