A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 454

Chapter 454

The door was unlocked and it opened the moment Jay pulled on the handle.

He saw Bob lying on top of Zoe on the floor in the room.

Their posture was…very suggestive.

Jay turned around in his shock.

He had thought

in fact, he had no idea what he thought had happened. He simply thought that

something bad might have occurred, which was why he rushed in without further


He really did not think that he might stumble upon such a scene.

“Jay!” Zoe suddenly called out.

She called out to him when he was about to stride off in a hurry.

Jay stopped in his tracks. “I wasn’t trying to interrupt both of you…”

“Please come and help me out. Bob needs the washroom.” Zoe panted.

She was helping Bob to the washroom and just when she helped him up, he stumbled

in his stupor and fell on her.

She was completely unable to withstand his weight and both of them collapsed on the


She could almost see her life flash past her when he fell on her.

She could not even get up with Bob lying on top of her.

Jay walked toward them and tried his best to haul Bob off the ground.

Bob stood up shakily, mumbling under his breath, “Zoe, did I fall on you? Zoe…”

“No, no you didn’t…” Zoe panted in reply.

But in fact, her bottom was probably covered in bruises from the fall.

How much did Bob drink tonight?!

“To the washroom?” Jay asked Zoe.

Bob was clearly disoriented.


Jay helped Bob to the washroom.

Bob fumbled with his pants in a daze in front of the toilet bowl.

He did so for a long time yet still failed to pull his pants down.

Zoe walked into the washroom. “Is he done?”

“Don’t come in yet.” Jay immediately moved to block Zoe’s line of sight.

“Why can’t I pull my pants down…” Bob’s voice was laced with urgency.

“I’ll help you,” Zoe said without much thought.

She could feel that Bob was on the verge of peeing.

“I’ll help him instead,” Jay immediately quipped. “Just wait a while outside the


With that, he held onto Bob with one hand and helped him with his pants with the


There was clearly a sense of urgency in his movements.

“Done!” Jay declared aloud.

He did not know if he said it for Bob or Zoe.

In a while, the sound of trickling water could be heard from inside the washroom.

Zoe stood outside the door feeling somewhat awkward, and she turned to leave.

Suddenly, the words that she uttered just now came flooding back to mind…

She really did not think so much.

If Jay were not around, she would have helped Bob anyway.

After a while, Bob was done using the washroom.

Jay brought Bob to the sink to wash his face and hands, and he even wiped Bob’s

torso once through and rinsed his feet. He pondered for a moment before suggesting,

“Zoe, bring Bob’s pajamas in. I’ll change him into it.”

A while later, Zoe passed to Jay the set of pajamas that he wore earlier.

It was the only pajamas she had in her house.

Jay did not ask any questions and swiftly got Bob changed into it.

After Jay was done, he helped Bob back into bed.

By then, Jay was covered in sweat and panting heavily…

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