A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 452

Chapter 452

Looking at Bob’s flushed face and furrowed brows and thinking back on Sam’s dog,

which was the reason why Bob got himself so drunk, Zoe became rather frustrated.

Sam had better avoid her the next time he saw her if he knew what was good for


Otherwise, she would not hesitate to make him down gallons of alcohol!

“Drink…” Bob squirmed in discomfort.

“Do you need water?” Zoe leaned in closer to him.

“Drink water…” Bob repeated himself.

“Hang on,” Zoe did not expect Bob to still be thirsty, which was why she did not

prepare more tea for him.

She immediately left the bedroom.

When she walked out, she saw that the living room was empty and that Jay was not


Had he left?

Zoe looked around her but did not pay any further attention upon remembering that

Bob needed water.

She swiftly made another cup of tea and helped Bob up on the bed as he sipped on it.

Bob looked blearily at Zoe before finally recognising her

after a while. “Zoe, I’m sorry…”

He knew that he had a drop too much tonight.

He had wanted to celebrate his birthday with her properly.

“I’ll settle the score with you after you wake up from your drunken stupor!” Zoe


“I—I’ll surely make it up to you…” Bob said with guilt in his voice.

“I won’t rest till you do. But now, rest well and drink this soup.”

“I have no appetite…”

“Will you drink it or not?”

“I will,” Bob said obediently.

Zoe smiled.

Bob looked ever so boyish and obedient, and the indignant look on his face only made

Zoe want to bully him even more.

She pinched his slightly chubby cheeks.

Bob had great skin. No matter how much weight he lost, he probably would not lose

the baby fat on his face.

“It hurts,” Bob said miserably.

“Don’t drink so much if you know it hurts,” Zoe released his cheeks and lifted the bowl

of soup, preparing to feed him.

“It’s all because of Sam’s dog…”

“Alright now, have some soup.”


Bob opened his mouth obediently.

Zoe carefully fed him spoonfuls of soup.

Spoon by spoon, Bob eventually finished the entire bowl before Zoe finally let him lie

back down on the bed.

After settling Bob down, Zoe left to wash the bowl clean.

She still did not see Jay anywhere.

Did he really leave?

By right, the clothes would not have dried so fast.

Zoe walked to the laundry room and saw Jay leaning against the counter in the room,

staring at the clothes tumbling in the dryer.

He must be dying to leave this place, that’s why his eyes were so fixed on the clothes,

as if he were wishing they would dry faster.

Just when Zoe was about to turn and leave, Jay turned around and saw her.

Both of them looked into each other’s eyes.

In fact, Jay had seen what went on between Zoe and Bob just now.

Because he finally got bored staying in the laundry room, he went back to the living

room upon hearing some movement outside. That was when he witnessed the

heartwarming scene of Zoe feeding Bob a bowl of soup.

He felt that it was better for him to just stay in the laundry room after all.

“I just came to see if you’ve left. It’s probably going to be done soon, continue waiting

patiently,” Zoe explained.

With that, she left without any hesitation.

“Zoe…” Jay called out.

His voice was low.

Very, very low…

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