A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 451

Chapter 451

This scent felt rather familiar to him…

It was the scent he smelled that time when Zoe took off her clothes to seduce him, as

much as it triggered his rhinitis.

But it was as mesmerizing as it was before, and it almost made him throw all caution

to the wind and just go ahead with her…

The final line of defense in his heart eventually made him push her away.

He was already trying his hardest to forget her tears, sorrow, and misery from that

time, but her scent alone was still fresh in his memory no matter how much time had


It never failed to send his heart racing.

And right now, she was wearing her favorite perfume for another man.

Had she really let things go, and was that why she was using the perfume?

At least, he had not smelled that scent on her for a very long time.

Jay’s lips lifted in a smile, but tears blurred his vision.

He blew his hair dry before leaving the bathroom.

There was no one in the living room, for Zoe was probably keeping Bob company in

the bedroom.

Bob was drunk, and he was also her boyfriend.

She had every reason to be there and take care of him.

Jay stood in the middle of the reasonably-sized living room, feeling slightly lost, and

he had no idea if he could take a seat.

How long was he going to stay here for?

He did not even dare to ask Zoe, and he simply stood in the middle of the living room

without moving an inch.

Zoe barely managed to feed Bob a few sips of tea. He was completely disoriented

from the alcohol and puked so much. She wanted to feed him some food to reduce

the discomfort in his stomach, but she did not succeed in that.

She had been drunk before.

In fact, she was frequently drunk previously, in order to forget someone and


She also knew that after getting drunk, she would feel better after a good night’s

sleep. However, if she were to sleep with an empty stomach, she was bound to feel

terrible the next day.

Zoe walked out of the bedroom and considered preparing Bob some food later on.

When she walked out, she saw Jay standing right there looking lost and confused.

He was probably not used to being in her house, and was much less used to her as a


She brought the cup filled with the tea that Bob drank from to the kitchen to wash.

After which, she saw Jay still standing there and said, “The dryer is in that room. Your

clothes should be ready in around an hour’s time. Just leave after you grab the

clothes. I’m heading to bed.”

She felt that perhaps Jay did not like having her hovering around him.

“Sure.” Jay immediately nodded.

He truly did not know what he could do.

Now that Zoe had relayed to him some instructions, he could finally heave a sigh of


Yet, to Zoe, Jay responded so eagerly because he wanted to leave as soon as he


Unfortunately, she did not have Bob’s warm clothes, and Jay certainly would not be

able to fit into her clothes, nor did she want to lend it to him.

Although now Bob would occasionally give her cash and she was not tight on money

right now, she did not dare to be rash about spending the money she had, perhaps

because she had experienced poverty. If she were to give Jay her clothes, she would

have to buy another one and it would be a loss for her.

Zoe went back to her bedroom-the one she shared with Bob.

Jay saw the door shut. No matter how much he mentally prepared himself and told

himself that he accepted the fact that Zoe was with another man, his heart would

break into many tiny pieces each time he saw her being close with another man.

He walked toward the laundry room that Zoe mentioned.

As if trying to escape from something, he stared stonily at the clothes tumbling in the

dryer as he told himself not to overthink things.

In the bedroom, Zoe found it impossible to fall asleep.

It was not that late, in fact-it was only slightly past ten at night, and she did not usually

sleep so early.

What’s more, she had to tend to Bob, who was feeling terrible and puking from

drinking too much.

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