A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 449

Chapter 449

Zoe did not react for a while after Jay spoke.

It was because Zoe just raised a polite suggestion casually. However, he took it


Jay lowered his eyes and was about to speak.

TH go and run the bath for you.” Zoe got out of bed.

She brushed past him and went to the bathroom outside to run him a bath.

After that, she returned to her bedroom to find men’s pajamas and shorts for him.

Bob had not left his clothes there, because he had never spent the night there.

She felt that he might want to stay the night there that night, so she bought him

matching pajamas when she bought the sling dress, as well as two pairs of shorts for


Zoe came out and said to Jay, “Just put on the pajamas for the time being.”

“Thank you.”

After she gave him the clothes, she brushed past him and then entered her bedroom.

Jay watched as she squatted and cleaned up Bob’s vomit.

She grew up in Levine Manor and led a spoiled life. She never did any household

chores, let alone cooking…

He wondered if it was the environment that produced such a vast change in her or if it

was Bob who changed her…

Jay turned around and walked away.

When Zoe looked over because she felt that he was looking at her, she saw his cold


She sneered.

Jay should have never imagined that she would become that kind of person one day,

with her being quite willful when she was still at Levine Manor.

After Zoe cleaned up the mess, she went and grabbed a hot towel to wipe Bob’s face

and hands. She even helped him take off his shoes and coat so he would feel more


After that, she returned to the bathroom and accidentally saw her reflection in the

mirror. She found that she was still wearing that seductive sling dress.

She was slightly shocked, but she soon relaxed.

How would Jay think that she was attractive?

He felt nothing for her even when she took off all her clothes and so, she did not have

to care about that. However, she decided to change her clothes because nothing

would happen between her and Bob that night.

He was so drunk, and she was indeed slightly angry.

After all, it was such rain on her parade.

However, it seemed that she could endure anything because it was Bob. The good in

him made her unable to hate him no matter what she did for him.

After she changed into her pajamas, she went out of the room to make some tea for

Bob. She also reheated the apple pie she packed for him so he could have some.

She had just finished what she wanted to do in the open kitchen when she found that

the door to the bathroom was open.

Jay put on Bob’s pajamas and came out with wet hair.

Bob was slightly plumper than Jay, but he slimmed down very fast during that period,

and it was an obvious change. She bought that suit of pajamas for Bob based on his

current size. However, she inexplicably felt that they were quite loose on Jay.

Jay was indeed taller than Bob.

Was it an illusion? She felt that Jay had become so much slimmer…

“Umm… May I know if you have a hairdryer here?” Jay asked Zoe politely.

Zoe regained her wits.

She felt like she was overthinking.

Jay knew how to take good care of himself as well as how to curry favor. He would

never ruin his body.

If there was such a possibility, it would be in the interest of work.

He would use his body in exchange for the kind of wealth and fame he wanted. It was

fine as long as he felt that his effort was worthwhile.

“Yes, I’ll take it for you.”

Zoe stopped what she was doing and emerged from behind the countertop.

She walked into the bathroom in her room and found the hairdryer before she handed

it to Jay.

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