A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 446

Chapter 446

“Well, what kind of girl does he like then?”

“That’s not important. In short, he won’t accept you. If you don’t want to get hurt or get

into such a great mess that you feel too humiliated, you’d better go home and tell your

mother that you feel nothing for him. You should ask your mother to give up on that

idea.” Jay sounded aloof.

Cora’s eyes turned slightly red.

She had just joined this circle, and she finally summoned up her courage to take a

step forward.

Making friends was the first step she took.

However, Jay stopped her that way.

“But I don’t want to make my mother sad. She did this for my sake,” Cora answered


“You love life shouldn’t be controlled by others.”

“But I want her to be happy…”

“Do you want to get famous?” Jay asked her.

Cora looked at him with surprise. She could feel his indifference toward her.

He sounded so cold when he raised that question.

“Give Bob up, and I’ll make you famous.” Jay gave a condition.

Cora was moved.

She had returned to the Levine family because she wanted to gain their approval, and

hence, she tried her best to please everyone. However, she yearned more to have a

career on her own. Being a part of the entertainment circle and acting in films was

something she had always dreamed of, and she had always been jealous of Zoe’s

great fame and glory. With a chance to shoot a movie under Jay’s supervision, she

knew that he was a good director even though she was only a substitute.

If Jay was willing to support her, she would become famous very fast.

“Think about it.” Jay did not force her.

Soon they arrived at Levine Manor.

When she got out of the car, she braced herself and asked,” Uncle Jay, you’re not

lying, are you?”

“No.” He sounded firm.

“Well, I’ll go and tell Mom that I don’t feel anything for Bob.”

“Okay.” Jay nodded. “I’ll contact you later. You’ll become an A-list celebrity in half a

year at the shortest or a year at the latest.”

“Thank you, Uncle Jay.”

‘Okay, goodbye.”

“See you, Uncle Jay.”

Jay drove and left.

While driving, he made calls to find resources for Cora by using his connections.

After making several calls, he received a call from Bob. “Did you give her a ride


“I just gave her a ride home.”

“Did she say anything?” Bob asked.

’Til be there right away. Let’s speak then.”


Jay drove the car to their usual spot. When he walked into the private room, he saw

them both. Bob was singing, and his singing was terrible.

When he saw Jay, he quickly put down the microphone. ” Here you are.”

“I just chatted with her. Her mother does want to put you guys together,” Jay said


“I’ve got a girlfriend. Who wants that girl?” Bob became frustrated.

“I know, so I asked her to go back and tell her mother that she doesn’t admire you.”

Bob was stunned before he asked with agitation, “Did she agree to it?”

“Hmm.” Jay nodded.

He did not mention other stuff.

“Why did she agree so fast? I felt like she does admire me.” Bob muttered to himself

before starting doubting his charms. “Am I not attractive to women? I’ve lost 22

pounds, and I even gained abs.”

While talking, he lifted his shirt to show them.

Sam teased him at the side. “You’re not lucky with women since childhood. Just admit

to it.”

“Stop acting so smug! Do you think all women around you like you? They’re just

fooling around with you given your money,” Bob retorted.

They started arguing.

Jay did not join in their fight. He was used to their arguments since childhood.

After all, they would make it up with each other after their fights.

The same thing happened now. At the end of their argument, they started drinking.

They behaved like they would not give up if the other party was not drunk.

Jay did not have a drink that night because his stomach felt funny, and he was not

good at drinking either. So, they would generally not force him.

He just sat beside them quietly to keep them company.

“When will Johnny be back?” After drinking several glasses of wine with Sam, Bob

suddenly said with displeasure, “I looked forward to seeing him back, but after he got

back, we couldn’t get together. Is he serious with Jessica?”

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