A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 438

Chapter 438

Cordy was actually supportive of Zoe’s relationship with Bob, though she also held out

a little hope on Jay in a corner of her heart.

Maybe, just maybe…

Even then, Cordy found that part of her conflicting.

“You mean we should be doing it already?” Zoe asked.

“I actually thought that you two were hitting it off,” Cordy replied. “I’m actually

surprised that you’re that conservative.”

“Not really, it’s just that things hadn’t really gotten that far… but he caught me watching

an adult video a while ago,” Zoe confessed awkwardly.

“You were watching what?” Cordy laughed.

“Don’t start. I was just checking it out since Quinn asked for help, but Bob somehow

stumbled upon me browsing! To be honest, we almost did it right then… if Bob didn’t

suddenly have to leave for some thingamajig.”

“And then? Was there no other opportunities?” Cordy asked.” I never knew you were

that shy.”

“I’m a girl too, woman,” Zoe snapped. “I can’t exactly just take the lead! Also, Bob may

look like a playboy, but he’s actually extremely conservative about that stuff… That’s

why I’m wondering if I should be a bit more proactive? It feels like we’re lacking

something if we don’t do it.”

“Since you’re sure about Bob and really have feelings for him, it doesn’t matter who

initiates it… Though I do

encourage you to do so,” Cordy gave her support right then.

At this stage, it would be ridiculous if Zoe continued to save herself for Jay.

Zoe actually seemed a little chipper after Cordy offered her encouragement too. “So…

Should I get prepared?”

“Sure.” Cordy smiled.

“By the way, when are you coming back?” Zoe could not help asking then. “I mean,

Rocktown is where Jessica grew up. Don’t you think the air there is dirtier because of


Cordy chuckled, earnestly appreciative of Zoe’s earnestness just then.

Her life would certainly have been beautiful if not for her domestic troubles.

“I’m coming back once I’m done with things here,” Cordy replied-as in, when she


“Alright. I’ll personally cook for you once you’re back,” Zoey exclaimed excitedly.


“You’d better not keep me waiting. My children might be able to spell ABC before you

come back, at this rate.”

They chatted for a while longer before hanging up.

Cordy had to admit she envied Zoe for having that personality of hers-candid and

carefree no matter the situation and always full of hope in life.

Cordy lowered her phone to look up at the scant few stars up in the dark skies,


It was very late into the night, but Cordy did not fall asleep.

She did not nap that much, but she lost sleep anyway.

She checked the time and saw that it was already 11 PM.

Was John coming back?

Maybe not.

She got up, leaning on her crotch to leave her room to get herself a glass of water.

She just opened the door, when she found John striding inside from the living room,

his cheeks flushed as if he had been drinking.

He clearly saw her too and smiled as she stood at the doorway of her room. “Waiting

for me?”

Cordy snorted and promptly turned, intent on returning inside.

Those words disgusted her so much she did not want her drink!

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