A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 434

Chapter 434

Cordy snorted. “Let’s get down to business.’ “Alright,” Patrick replied cheerfully, and

histone quickly changed. “After we managed to escape by chance the other night,

William’s side of the family must be fuming- especially Jessica. She must be losing it

too, knowing that you are now with John. That’s why you’d better watch out. I’m really

worried she’ll do something drastic.”

“What, wasn’t that night drastic enough?” Cordy scoffed.

“Their whole family was in on it. In this case, Jessica would be doing it on her own

volition, and it’s going to be something insane.”

“Yeah,” Cordy replied, having anticipated that.

After all, John left Jessica alone at the charity ball, went straight to Cordy’s rescue,

and stayed with Cordy ever since.

It was far more than what any woman could take.

“Also, my grandfather is making his move against William following that night,” Patrick

added bluntly. “William had burned his bridges when he tried to hurt us, and I

apologize that you almost lost your life too. I would admit that I’d expected a move

from William, but I couldn’t say no when you asked to come to Rocktown, considering

our partnership. I won’t lie to you either… My family has been waiting for William’s

eagerness to get the better of him.”

“I understand,” Cordy replied.

She did have certain feelings about that, but her rationality trumped her sentiments.

When it came to her partnership with Patrick, she just had to keep things simple

without involving anything else.

Nonetheless, Patrick suddenly said somberly, “Thank you.”

“Huh?” Cordy blurted.

“You did your damndest to save me that night, even if it’s John who actually did it in

the end.”

“I just couldn’t stand by and do nothing,” Cordy said bluntly.'” Anyone in that situation

would feel the same. Moreover, our fates are bound right now-if something happens to

you, things would get more hairy for me.”

“Even so, I’m the one who benefited from your altruism,” Patrick told her. “And for that,

I owe you one.”

Cordy did not actually need Patrick owing her a favor, but she had no reason to reject

something that worked in her favor.

“By the way… do you trust me more now?” Patrick asked.” And aren’t you going to

open up to John after he rescued you?”

“Are you testing me right now?” Cordy asked in return, raising an eyebrow.

Obviously he was testing her to see if she was still intent on maintaining their alliance,

and whether John was friend or foe now.

In the case of the latter, neither Cordy nor Patrick could tell.

Such was John’s wit-he kept himself positioned ambiguously between both sides so

neither had reason to attack him.

Nonetheless, Patrick said bluntly, “No. In my opinion, you’re most worthy of trust, not

to mention I owe you my life. I may prioritize profits above all else, but I also bear the

virtue of repaying a favor.”

Cordy smiled faintly-the man knew how to flatter himself.

“Yeah, I trust you more,” Cordy admitted.

“Still so rational.” Patrick chuckled. “Any other woman would have fallen heads over

heels for John by now. Don’t you think he’s going to be suicidal if you told him he’s

failed to earn your trust even after putting his life on the line to save you?”

“Are you bragging?” Cordy asked, raising a brow.

“To be honest,” Patrick said succinctly, “I am.”

While Cordy was left speechless, he added, “I don’t think I’ve told you this, but John

and I shared the same alma mater abroad. We were suddenly average Joes since we

were studying away from home, but even when we were supposed to be equals, he

managed to outdo me by a country mile.”

Patrick was most generous with his praise for John, but Cordy was frowning, unaware

that such a connection

existed between Patrick and John.

“At the time, he was a student. Good grades, good looks, good everything. All the girls

loved him—”

“I thought you’re not interested in girls,” Cordy pointed out.

“Doesn’t stop me from getting jealous,” Patrick replied, sounding dead serious.

Cordy giggled in amusement.

“Well, now that you even the score, it does feel cathartic,” Patrick concluded.

Cordy honestly could not say anything to that.

So, men could get petty too.

“Anyway. Would you like me to take you away?” Patrick suddenly asked seriously.

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