A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 435

Chapter 435

The sudden change in subject left Cordy taken aback.

“What, you don’t want to leave?” Patrick teased her.

“I mean, I would like to, but I’d rather not trouble you,” Cordy said bluntly. “I can’t even

get out of bed right now.”

“I’m just kidding,” Patrick said. “I won’t be able to take you with me even if I came, not

to mention that I have no idea where you are. I’m sure John would do all he can to

hide you from me, but that’s the point-he’s keeping you very well hidden, so be at

ease and take your time to rest for a while at his place.”

Cordy could not quite describe how she felt after hearing what Patrick said.

That was when another call came in, and she said, “I’m hanging up. Jessica is calling

John’s phone.”

“Ask the man to buy you a phone, okay? Just stick to your old number so that we can

keep in touch,” Patrick did not forget to tell her.

“I know.”

Once she hung up, she called out at the direction of the door, “John!”

John opened the door and entered, having been waiting for her all this while.

Still, he did not eavesdrop on her conversation with Patrick.

“Jessica is calling you,” Cordy said, holding out his phone to her.

John gave her a look, took it, and left again with his phone before returning minutes


Cordy did not ask her why Jessica called, nor did he volunteer that information.

They had both certainly chosen to avoid talking about Jessica at all.

“Could I trouble you to buy me a phone with my old number? ” Cordy asked.

“Someone will be bringing it over soon,” John replied.

“Thank you,”

“Want to sleep a while longer?”


With that, Cordy lay down again, while John left.

The room turned silent, but Cordy could not sleep-she certainly could not do it after

three days, but she wanted to be silent.

After all, she must think about what she is going to do now.

Cordy stayed another three days in John’s private residence in Rocktown, after which

she could get out of bed.

Still, she had to lean on a crutch and could only walk a limited distance.

It was only after she left the room John arranged for her when she realized how huge

the residence was.

In reality, it was a five-story mansion with a garden spanning 18,000 square feet, and

was equipped with an outdoor swimming pool.

Still, she did not leave the mansion and therefore did not know what the outside

looked like or where it was from Rocktown’s city center.

All she knew was that it was peaceful and quiet there.

Cordy was sitting on a bench in the back garden, basking in the winter sun as she

checked her phone.

Even after a week, the Stuarts’ charity ball was still making headlines.

It had always been a hot topic every year. Moreover, there was the announcement of

John and Jessica’s wedding date, along with Cordy’s alleged affair with Patrick, which

kept the charity ball trending consistently this year.

Bored, Cordy scrolled through the articles where the media fawned over John and

Jessica, while netizens speculated the connection between her and Patrick.

It seemed that they had already considered her and Patrick a couple, just without the

official announcement.

Cordy even scrolled through some of the comments beneath.

[So Cordy Sachs and Patrick Stuart are a thing? Guess the elites all stick together.]

[A star politician, with a famous fashion designer cum dark horse in business? That’s a

real power couple.]

[But I wonder… Is Cordy-Patrick really better than John- Jessica?]

[Now that you mention it, unlike Cordy, things are getting tough for Noel Sachs. She

was photographed with the old man after that charity ball, too… Are the rumors true?]

Cordy frowned a little when she read that comment.

Noel… With an old man?

She tapped out of the article about herself and searched for that instead. She

eventually found an article about that which was not trending at all, and it had a photo

of Noel wrapping her hands around the arm of a man and leaving the charity ball with


He looked like the same man who bidded for her first dance, too.

Had she truly fallen from grace now?!

Naturally, Cordy was not feeling particularly emotional about that.

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