A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 431

Chapter 431

Cordy stared at John, speechless.

He remained calm and collected as he added, “I’ve been taking care of you over the

last few days.”


“I’ve wiped your face, your body, and changed your diapers…”

As John went into detail about how he had been helping her over the last few days,

she finally had enough. “Could you please stop?”

“Okay.” John grinned.

There’s that bewitching smile again.

“So? Do you still want to take a shower?” John asked.

“Nope,” Cordy refused-ignorance was bliss, but knowledge certainly changed


“Where are we, specifically?” she then asked, just to distract herself from her urge to


“My private residence in Rocktown,” John replied. “We’re two hours away from Stuart

Hall. Aside from myself, there are two servants, five bodyguards, and one doctor.”

“Has Jessica been here?” Cordy asked.

She would not take offense, since anything could happen between John and Jessica

after how far their relationship had progressed.

What she cared about, however, was whether she was in danger—she would have a

hard time believing that John could protect her if Jessica were to see her again.

Just like the other night.

John obviously knew there was danger, but he could not stop it anyway.

“She doesn’t know about this place. To be precise, the Stuarts don’t know I own this

private residence,” John explained.

Cordy simply stared at him until he said, “I’m not lying. I wouldn’t dare.”

Pursing her lips, she then asked bluntly, “Did you know what would happen that


“No,” John replied.

Cordy frowned, so he elaborated, “I’ve been in Rocktown for a month, but all I’ve done

is help out with Stuart Holdings’ business and assist Jessica in preparing for the

company’s charity ball. I had no idea what their family was scheming or what they had

arranged-they’re still very wary of me.”

“Then why would you stop me from coming to Rocktown?” Cordy asked, skeptical.

“I just had a hunch,” John explained. “The two priorities on William’s side of the family

are to neutralize his brother’s side of the family as a threat and to strengthen Stuart

Holdings’ position as a business giant. The former concerns

whether they can transition into politics, while the latter ensures that the legacy they

spent decades building is unshakeable. And the two key individuals to that

undertaking are Patrick and myself.”

Cordy listened quietly as he continued to break it down for her. “Monty’s successors

are Patrick’s father and Patrick himself. However, Patrick’s abilities eclipses his

father’s, not to mention that the man had no interest in politics and is the type of

person one would best describe as half-baked. One might even argue that Monty was

too strict with him, or perhaps he just couldn’t escape the shadow of Monty’s grand

legacy, which was why the man turned out to be the exact opposite of what Monty

desired. Still, that’s a family issue, and we can stop there.”

Sighing, John continued, ’ As such, if William wants to take Monty out of the picture,

his first target would be Patrick. The subtle power struggles between both branches of

the family are reaching a boiling point, and both sides know that either of them is

going to make a move. However, they would never do anything reckless, so it’s mostly

been stalemate and reconnaissance thus far.”

“However, William decided to make the first move because of Monty’s health and his

continued absence from public view. And since there’s no solid evidence of Monty

being terminally ill, William intends to drive Monty out of the open by hurting Patrick.

Naturally, he could’ve also been planning to eliminate Patrick altogether, saving

himself plenty of hassle with a single stroke.”

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