A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 430

Chapter 430

Cordy also never saw the so-called doctor John spoke of.

“Would you rather have Dicky keep you company?” John asked. “The doctor said that

you should stay in bed and rest for up to five days given your condition, and it’d be

two weeks before you can move around freely. To be precise, two weeks is how long it

would take for you to recover your physical abilities, but that fractured leg would need

at least three months to heal.”

“No.” She rejected John just then-she would not want Richard to be sad seeing her in

this miserable state.

“Alright.” John respected her decision.

But with that, silence ensued between them until Cordy suddenly said, “I need the


“I’ll carry you,” John said, and scooped her up in his arms before she could say

another word…

That was when he realized that the IV drip was still attached to her wrist.

Staring at it for a moment, he put her back in bed. “It’s a nutrient drip, so you won’t

need it after you eat. I’m going to pull it out of you, so bear with it.”


John was somehow proficient with pulling out the needle, and Cordy did not feel much


However, he held onto the vein over her wrist for a long while.

“I’m fine now,” Cordy told him.

“The needle’s been there for a while. I have to press on it for a while longer.”

“I’m leaking already,” Cordy huffed, on the verge of losing it.

John came to a realization right then and quickly had her press on the vein herself

while he carried her to the washroom, carefully placing her next to the toilet.

Then, before she said a word, he took off her pants.

Her clothes had been changed, and she was now wearing a loose set of clothes,

which was probably John’s.

That would explain how effortlessly he stripped her, and she never even realized that.

“Make it fast,” John said, looking calm and not awkward at all despite what they were


Cordy gritted her teeth but slowly sat down, and lowered her eyes at her pants just


She remembered that she was on her period, and though she did not have any

sanitary pads on, she was squeaky clean between the legs anyway.

John seemed to read her mind. “It was over yesterday.”

Cordy looked up at him, speechless.

Did that mean he changed it for her?!

No matter how calm she was under all circumstances, her cheeks flushed.

After all, something like this…

“I don’t know how to do it, so I used adult diapers instead,” John explained. “There

wasn’t much of it either-”

“Can you wait outside?” Cordy asked.

She certainly could not take anymore of this and stopped him from going into detail!

“Okay,” John replied, staring at her blushing cheeks just then. “Just call me when

you’re done. The doctors said you’re very weak and shouldn’t take another fall or it’d

be very bad.”

“Out!” Cordy snapped-she had been holding it in for a while now.

John quickly did so, and once she was finished, he carried her back to bed.

“Can I wash my face and hands?” she asked just then.

“You can do it in bed,” John told her, putting her back in bed and returning to the


He then brought her a bucket of water and used a clean towel to wipe her cheeks.

“I can do it myself,” Cordy said, holding out her hand-she was not as weak now after

eating the oatmeal.

John did not refuse and wrung the towel while she wiped her face, hands, and neck…

“How about your body?” John asked.

“Can I take a shower instead?” Cordy asked in return, having the urge to do it after

wiping herself down.


Cordy was surprised that he was being so easy, until…

“But only if I’m helping you,” John finished, looking dead serious.

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