A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 418

Chapter 418

William nodded subtly, and James tacitly understood.

Holding up his phone, he said, “Good. Pull out.”

It was over.

As he put away his phone, he turned and noticed Jessica watching him, and he gave

her a nod.

Jessica’s smile could hardly be hidden.

She then looked around, looking for John.

After getting off the stage following the announcement of their wedding day, John

excused himself to the washroom.

Someone came along to offer her a toast, so she did not go along with John.

It had been a while, too… Why was he not coming back yet?

Jessica felt a foreboding sensation right then and rushed to the washroom to find

John. She did not care at all about propriety and dashed into the men’s room directly

without a pause, searching fervently for any trace of John.

But no, he was nowhere to be seen.

Flustered, she rushed back to the ballroom, and everyone who saw that look on her

face was left perplexed.

As the host of such an occasion, her bearing certainly left her looking undignified.

James promptly rushed up to her and swiftly dragged her to one of the break rooms

nearby, and he coldly snapped, “Why are you acting all flustered for? Don’t you know

how undignified you looked?!”

“James… It’s John. He’s gone!” Jessica’s voice was quivering.

Despite being calmer, James was left glowering. “Are you sure he’s gone?”

“He told me he’s going to the washroom, but I already looked -he’s not there!” Jessica


“Maybe he’s just elsewhere. That ballroom isn’t exactly small rv


“Calm down,” James said, assuring her while whipping out his phone. “Find John

Levine as soon as possible. Try not to draw too much attention-the charity ball must

not be affected.”

“Yes, Mr. Stuart.”

James hung up and quickly made another call. “Check the cameras. Find where John

Levine is!”

“Yes, Mr. Stuart.”

James hung up again and put away his phone and scowled just like Jessica right


Soon enough, his phone rang, and a voice reported on the other end, saying, “Mr.

Stuart, we can’t find Mr. Levine in the

ballroom or anywhere around the building.”

Jessica’s face fell at the report, but soon the other report came. “Mr. Stuart? We just

checked the cameras, but Mr. Levine already left the ballroom through a side


“When?” James asked.

“Around twenty minutes ago.”

Twenty minutes?!

That means John left the building as soon as he left Jessica!

Where did he go?

Did he leave to find Cordy?!


He could not allow John to find her, let alone save her!

Cordy must die!

“James, are you sure that Patrick and Cordy are dead?!” Jessica asked, working hard

to keep herself calm.

“Their car rolled off a slope. There’s almost no chance they’d survive this,” James


“No!” Jessica cried, agitated to the point of almost having a nervous breakdown. “We

have to see the bodies! Send your people to find them. I don’t want any surprises!”

“Patrick’s people must have reached the wreck by now. This is all we can do for now,

even if they survived. If they caught us there, they’d have leverage against us and we

won’t be able to deny responsibility.”

Jessica, however, could not care any less. “I cant let Cordy stay alive! I won’t be able

to take it!”

“John won’t be able to change anything by himself. Calm down,” James assured

Jessica. “He’s not going to save Cordy.”

“But what if he did?!”

“Even if he did, you’ve already announced your wedding date with him in public!”

James snapped, loudly and clearly.” Given his current position, he’d never annul it no

matter how daring he gets. He’s already under our family’s control, and he’s not

getting away anytime soon!”

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