A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 405

Chapter 405

Jessica stood above the stage, asking everyone below, “Is Number 62 present in this


In reality, the paddle numbers were arranged before the auction-odd numbers were

assigned to men, while even numbers were assigned to women.

Cordy Sachs had no idea why that was the case when she received her auction

paddle, and simply presumed there would be a lottery or something else. After all,

entertainment was necessary to keep things lively at a charity auction, and she

realized now that the arrangement was for this mini-event.

Patrick obviously knew Cordy’s number and teased, “Oh, this truly is destiny!”

Cordy shot him a sideways glare.

Destiny? She would already disagree when Jessica picked Noel with pinpoint

precision for the first number, and had even more reason to after Jessica picked her

as well.

There were only that many coincidences in the world- Jessica meant to do this, and

as the host, she had a million ways to find out the numbers of every person in this


“Number 62…” Jessica repeated.

“Over here!” Patrick suddenly exclaimed, pointing at Cordy. Jessica feigned surprise

as she gasped in turn, “It’s Cordy?”

“Yes,” Cordy replied calmly.

“Oh, what a coincidence! You and Noel… Oh, this is wonderful!” Jessica exclaimed

with a look of utter joy.” Please, come forward.”

Cordy pursed her lips, earnestly repulsed.

At her side, Patrick noticed her hesitation. “Just say no if you don’t want to go…”

Cordy, however, didn’t want to cause unnecessary trouble.

If Patrick had to challenge Jessica for her sake, he wouldn’t fare well, especially since

his side of the family was having a clandestine power struggle against Jessica’s.

Moreover, Cordy refused to owe him favors.

She started towards the stage, and as she walked past John, he suddenly reached

out to grab her wrist.

However, she simply raised her hand and avoided him-but their skin brushed against

each other’s, the sensation delicate yet profound.

John clenched his knuckles, and was forced to watch as Cordy lifted her skirt and

calmed walked upstage.

At first, Noel more or less had the men’s attention with her shrinking violet demeanor

and stunning figure.

But no matter how impactful it had been to the eyes of the men present, she dimmed

in comparison when Cordy

walked onstage.

If one were to describe her beauty, one could simply say that no one would be able to

take their eyes off her wherever she went.

Likewise, no one who stood at her side would match her beauty.

It wasn’t just Noel who dulled in comparison either—even Jessica, in her elegant

gown, seemed a little less stunning.

Cordy certainly could take the wind out of every woman’s sails.

At the same time, Noel’s smile faded as soon as Cordy went on stage.

Why did Cordy have to be everywhere?!

Why does Cordy have to steal Noel’s thunder all the time?!

Noel could clearly see the stares focused on herself before had turned towards Cordy

at once, who instantly became the focus of the entire ballroom.

Even as Noel repressed her rage, Jessica said, “It seems tonight is really going to be

a great night. I called out two numbers at random, and I got two of my best friends.

Most importantly, they’re sisters! I surprised myself too!” She was certainly smooth,


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