A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 396

Chapter 396

Two men emerged from the black car ahead, stopping their car.

The bodyguard in the backseat noticed, too. “I’ll go take a look.”

He got out of the car, intent on making things quick and leaving.

At the same time, Cordy’s palm was sweating as she put it on the door handle.

She watched as the bodyguard alighted and walked several paces away, before

opening the door and rushing out.

The other bodyguard in the driver’s seat noticed immediately and got out to try to stop

her, only to watch her run into the black car that had been tailing them for a while.

It sped away even as he tried to reach it; there was no way for him to chase the car

down, especially since his car’s way was blocked.

Scowling, he had no choice but to dial a number to report. “I’m sorry, Mr. Levine, but

Miss Sachs escaped.’

Cordy’s heart was racing even after she made it into Patrick’s car.

She took a deep breath to calm herself. Patrick sat beside her with a faint smile.

Cordy frowned as she turned towards him, a little annoyed to see him watching her

with such amusement.

“I’m once again impressed by your abilities, Miss Sachs,” he said. “You managed to

escape so easily despite John keeping such a tight leash on you.”

Cordy didn’t respond, but it hadn’t been easy.

She succeeded simply because Jay wasn’t wary of her, and she deceived a person

who trusted her.

She saw a call on her phone soon enough, but declined it right away.

Cordy followed Patrick and took his private jet to Rocktown, where they headed to the

best private hospital in the city.

“Come,” Patrick said.

“Do you think I should trust you?” Cordy asked, folding her arms.

“I’m not sure, but you decided to trust me anyway. That much is obvious when you

chose to come here with me,” Patrick smiled faintly, appearing a little proud of himself.

Cordy bit her lip but followed Patrick in the hospital regardless, knowing that she

would be visiting his grandfather Monty Stuart.

She had never met him, and there were no photos of him in any media.

However, she supposed that an old man who was terminally ill couldn’t possibly be


Moreover, people become kinder as death approaches.

And yet, as Cordy followed Patrick into Monty’s ward, she found a spirited elderly man

inside, looking sixty at best; certainly not a year past seventy.

At that instant, many thoughts crossed her mind.

Was John misinformed? Or perhaps…

Nonetheless, Monty seemed to read her mind. He smiled and said cheerfully, “You

must think that I’m on my deathbed, Miss Sachs.”

“The rumors…”

“That I leaked on purpose,” Monty admitted. “Bait I’ve set, to lure a big fish.”

“I see… But why would you let me find out about such a bold move? Aren’t you

worried I would betray you?” Cordy asked.

After all, being coy was the worst thing that can be done in a discussion amongst


“I trust Patrick’s judgment,” Monty said, obviously thinking highly of his own grandson.

“In that case, what do you want me to do since you’ve asked for my presence here

today?” Cordy asked.

“Calm down, Miss Sachs-I’m not asking you to do anything,” Monty said.” I’ve simply

asked you here to offer you assurances. Once we’ve accomplished what we want,

we’ll give you your just reward.”

“Thank you, Mr. Stuart,” Cordy said gratefully, though she wasn’t celebrating at all.

In the end, the assurance would only be half that; the other half was pure threat!

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