A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 390

Chapter 390

Jay watched as Zoe headed to the distance, and smiled wistfully.

It seemed he was the only one who couldn’t get over the past.

As he rose to his feet, his whole body seemed frozen stiff.

He thought about leaving, but for some reason, he was following Zoe instead, keeping

a distance between them as he did.

It was very cold and very late, so there weren’t many others on the streets.

Zoe was alone…so it was dangerous to be alone.

Zoe didn’t notice she was being followed, since her only thought was to have her

apple pie and head back.

Soon, she arrived at the stall and made an order. The owner asked her,” Your

boyfriend’s not with you today?”

“He’s busy,” she replied, keeping her head lowered.

Even if she was canceled, she was still a public figure. Thus, she didn’t want to be


“You know, your boyfriend’s really nice,” the owner chuckled. “He came by this one

time, and was worried it’d get cold before he got home, so he kept it under his clothes.

Surely you know how hot a newly baked apple pie could be.”

Zoe felt warmth blossom in her chest.

There were times when she wanted to stay home, and Bob would come out here to

buy her apple pie…

If only she knew how good of a man he was! She would be dating him ages ago.

What could’ve gotten into her, that she was so eager to humiliate herself?

“Take it slow. You’d burn yourself if you eat too fast,” the owner said as he handed her

an apple pie.

“Thank you,” she replied, and called Bob while she ate.

On the other hand, Jay had been close enough to hear everything-Zoe flirting with

Bob over the phone, and what the owner told Zoe about Bob.

She never noticed Jay, even as she put her disguise back on and started to leave, all

the while still talking to Bob.

Out of the blue, it started to snow-the first snow in North City for the year.

Zoe was a little thrilled; she looked up at the skies, crossing the road as she shared

her joy with Bob…


The scream of a car’s brakes echoed just as Zoe felt her whole body being knocked to

the ground, her phone dropping near the curb.

She had yet to gather herself when she saw the driver getting out, dropping to a

crouch to ask another man lying nearby, “Sir! Are you alright?!”

There was no question about it-Zoe had been pushed out of harms’ way, and the car

missed her.

And the one struck lay just in front of the car, motionless.

She was a little far from him, and she couldn’t recognize that it was Jay from only his


“Zoe? Zoe?! What just happened?! Zoe!”

Zoe’s phone was nearby, and she could hear Bob calling out in panic.

Zoe quickly picked it up and told Bob, “I’m fine. Someone was just hit by a car.”

“Are you alright?!”

“Yeah. I’m fine, don’t worry. I’m going to check on the victim now.”

“I’ll be right over-’

Zoe had already hung up, and started towards Jay to see that he was bleeding from

cuts over his face; there was blood on his body too, dyeing his white cardigan red.

His eyes were tightly shut, seemingly to withstand the pain in silence.

“Just hold on, sir. I’m calling the ambulance to take you to the hospital right now!” The

driver exclaimed nervously, startled that he had hit someone.

Many onlookers were flocking around the scene, and everyone was pointing and


It took a while for the ambulance to arrive, and Zoe hesitated for a moment before

getting in.

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