A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 386

Chapter 386


Quinn could feel Zoe’s surprise even from the other end.

There was a long pause, before Zoe added: [You’re not really sucking up to that

dirtbag, are you?]

[Not entirely.]

[That’s better.]

[His parents want us to have a child.]

[…That’s why you’re trying to suit his tastes?]

[The Saunders have always been nice to me.]


Zoe was speechless, but Quinn did not bother to explain-she was just convinced that

if she could accept it, resistance was unnecessary.

Still, Zoe suddenly changed the subject. [I heard from Bob that Ryan’s back.]

Quinn replied, [Yeah. He just touched down yesterday, and attended Sam’s birthday.]

[And you…]

[I’m over him. I’m not lying-sure, I’d feel the occasional emotion, but time really seems

to mend everything. There’s times when I feel stressed, but I’m somehow very calm

when I face him directly.]

[Does time really change everything?]

Zoe’s question was posed to Quinn as much as to herself.

Quinn replied earnestly: [Well, that’s how it is for me.]

Still, she suddenlyremembered something and quickly sent another text: [ We’re

straying from topic. You hadn’t answered my question.]

Zoe replied: [You could learn it, in theory…]


[But is that really worth it?]

From Zoe’s perspective, Quinn would eventually be divorcing Sam.

If they really had a child, Quinn would be giving up her whole life.

[Nope, it isn’t.]

Quinn would never hide anything from Zoe, but this was reality.

Zoe was certainly fuming. [Honestly, why’d you let this happen?]

[Maybe because there isn’t anyone better.]

At that point, Zoe had no reason to push her. [Fair enough. I’ll pick one, and send it to

you on Whatsapp later.]


There was suddenly a knock on Quinn’s door, and she said, “Come in.”

Another woman entered and told her, “The board chairman wants to see you, Miss


“Okay,” Quinn replied, and hurried out of the office with her, without turning off her

chatbox with Zoe.

On the other end, Zoe had a look through everything that fit Quinn, and was so

concentrated that she never noticed Bob showing up behind her.

It almost gave her a heart attack.

“I wasn’t trying to scare you,” Bob explained. “You were so focused, you never saw

me when I walked past you.”

Zoe said nothing, and merely glared at him.

It lasted for a while, but things soon got awkward when they heard faint moaning.

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