A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 373

Chapter 373

Cordy closed the company dossier Patrick gave her, her expression determined after

getting the answer.

“I’m sure you’re aware of my connection to your family, Mr. Stuart,” she said.

“Of course,” Patrick replied cheerfully. “That’s why I came to you, seeking a


As Cordy raised a brow, he flashed a refined smile in return. “The enemy of my enemy

is my friend—isn’t that what Jessica and Noel Sachs’ partnership was based on?”

Cordy studied him-to think that he knows so much about Jessica and Noel’s


Still, it was precisely his ability to find out everything about her and those around her

that made her feel incapable of partnering with him.

Before Cordy could speak, however, Patrick added bluntly, “You don’t have to reject

me in a hurry, Miss Sachs. Why don’t you hear me out and understand what I hope to

achieve with our partnership, and why I have a bone to pick against Jessica?”

Cordy stopped herself right then.

With that, Patrick began to explain. “Decades ago-during my great greatgrandfather’s

time, the family made an arrangement: Monty Stuart, my grandfather, would work in

politics, whereas William Stuart, Jessica’s grandfather, would work in businesses.

Decades went by with the arrangement being implemented without a hitch, and both

branches of the family would always help each other.”

“In the last ten years, however, William has set his sights on politics and started to get

involved in various political events in the capital, with James Stuart at his side.

Though he’s the heir to the Stuart Holdings, Jessica is in fact the one in charge of


“Their objective in doing so was to set up their own separate dynasty, while usurping

our influence in politics. It certainly was ambitious of them, but William’s strength

alone wouldn’t be enough for that push. He needs support from multiple factions, and

William’s first target is the Levines—the richest family of North City, which led to the

sudden announcement of Jessica and John Levine’s engagement.”

Watching Cordy, Patrick asked, “You might be wondering-the Levines are only

involved in business, so how would that affect politics, yes?”

Cordy stayed silent, so he continued on his own. “First and foremost, politics isn’t all

about influence. Huge capital is always needed. Even if William’s side of the family

had plenty of money, no one ever complains about having too much money. Likewise,

the path for them to establish themselves in politics is still rocky. Not only do they

need someone they could fall back on, but they also need to ensure that Stuart

Holdings would never fall. The Levines are therefore to become a strategic ally in that

cause. So don’t blame John Levine for turning from you-and it’s not just him either.

Even Alan Levine has no say in the matter.”

Cordy looked up at him, surprised that he would defend John.

“And that brings us to the second point-the man named John Levine,” Patrick

continued. “I’ve done my research on him, and it turned out that his father was a

prodigy like him. It was terrible to lose that man so early, but there was also that time

when everyone was presuming that Levine

Ventures would fall when things looked so bleak forthem. However, John himself

brought them back from the brink at twenty. It was a legend in commerce, hence why

William had his eyes on John and was eager to bring John into his fold. In short, there

are times when being too capable is bad.”

“And that brings us to the present.”

Despite having said so much, Patrick didn’t seem interested in Cordy’s response and

simply continued, “My side of the family has stopped William’s march into gaining a

political foothold. You should understand. Miss Sachs, that things work differently in

politics than in business. There are only so many political seats, especially on top of

the hierarchy. If I’m to make it even more blunt—my grandfather would fall if William

rose to the top. I’m sure you know how that works.”

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