A Life Debt Repaid

Master Odell’s Secret Ex-Wife Chapter 2059

Chapter 2059

Isabel gave Carla a reassuring look before stepping onto the stage, clacking her high

heels against the platform.

Bright lights beat on her from every direction.

There were many attendees to the show and a lot of them were very fond of her as

they cheered and cried out her name.

“Isabel, I love you-”

“Isabel, you’re awesome!”

“Isabel, you’re so beautiful!”

The cheers reached one crescendo after another, there was no limit to their


Almost everyone in the venue was chanting her name.

Even Isabel was shocked by the reception. She smiled and waved at her rabid


Just as she made it halfway down the runway, the lower half of her dress suddenly fell


The frantic cries transformed into horrified gasps, sucking the air out of the venue.

Even the host on stage was dumbfounded by what he was seeing. Carla, who was

waiting for Isabel backstage, was no exception and nearly shrieked. Everyone present

at the fashion show, from the audience to the models to the crew was astounded. All,

except for Isabella.

Suddenly, a stiff silence took over.

Isabel looked down to see that a cut had been made directly across the dress at waist

height. It was slipping off at the seams.

She was lucky she managed to grab the falling dress just in time to prevent the

clothing from dropping to the floor and expose her bare buttocks for the world to see.

She was wearing red panties!

She frowned tightly.

The wires in her brain were suddenly crossed in all directions, she did not know what

to do.

It was at that critical moment when she heard one of her fans in the crowd cheering

her on, “Isabel! You’re the best!”

Her eyes gleamed.

That was right. She was Isabel Ross. She was an actress and model widely known

inside and outside the entertainment circle. She was blessed with unparalleled beauty

and had the perfect figure to match it.

Whatever happened to the dress, it would not take away her inherent beauty!

So what if the dress was torn? It did not matter.

She fixed a calm look on her face and pulled the fallen dress upward around her waist

and continued striding down the catwalk confidently.

With the dress pulled up, her slender calves were exposed for all to see. The shining

high heels adorned with diamonds only further magnified the beauty of her legs.

Her stride was precise and elegant. Every pair of eyes and camera lens fixed

themselves on her.

The most eye-catching of them all was not her figure nor her stride, it was the ever-sounwavering smile
she wore. It was radiant and unabashed, it was confident and

completely enchanting.

It was as if an angel had somehow strayed into the world of mortals as her body

seemed to exude a fine light.

The crowd gasped in silence for several seconds, then another thunderous roar broke


The host was yet again baffled by this display.

Carla, who looked on at the scene with her nerves wrought into a bundle heaved a

sigh of relief. Then, she beamed with pride and joy.

The other models who were about to step on stage could not believe what they were

seeing as well. Some of them displayed mild looks of jealousy while others could not

help but admire Isabel’s grace.

Isabella clenched her fist tightly, she growled with resentment. “How does she

manage to play it off? How can she be so lucky?!”

Isabel confidently finished her lap on the catwalk before returning backstage.

Carla hurried to her.

Ramona and Triss ran past the other models who were next up on stage to approach

Isabel as well.

Carla cried out with astonishment, “Isabel, you were so cool back there!”

Triss had nothing but admiration for her. “I can’t believe you managed to pull that one

off, incredible.”

Ramona smiled at her and told her, “Go on and change out of this dress.”

Isabel remarked candidly with a handsome smile. “No need to rush.”

Then, she turned to look at Isabella who was hiding behind the other models.

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