A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 245

Chapter 245

Cordy didn’t reply.

Sometimes, silence really could replace everything.

“I didn’t mean to hide the fact that I was the man who slept with you when you

were eighteen,” John admitted. “I asked you before if you hated him, and you

said yes. I thought I’d tell you when our relationship was more stable, when you

no longer rejected physical contact with me. Maybe…

Just maybe, you’d be able to accept my presence.”

Cordy listened quietly, not interrupting him at all. And so, John went on.

Enter title…

“At that time, I had just returned from abroad and was drinking with Bob and a

few other friends. At the bar, I saw you while you were delirious. A man

approached you, and you tried to refuse him. I went up to you two and pushed

him away, and then you leaned against me. You felt hot to touch. I admit that I

took you to a hotel, but where else was I going to take you? I didn’t know, and

you were burning up. I asked you, but you didn’t say anything. After that, when

we reached the hotel, you pushed me onto the bed, and…” John trailed off,

looking back at Cordy.

Cordy pursed her lips. So many years had passed since the incident, and the

blurred images in her mind seemed to clear up gradually.

“You said you begged me not to touch you, but you had no idea how desperate

you were that night. If you hadn’t left the morning before I woke up, you could’ve

seen that I was bruised all over from that night.”

Cordy couldn’t help but clench her fist tightly. John was bringing up the past that

she wanted to forget so badly with such ease, it made her blood boil.

“It’s not like I didn’t want to look for you before. But I had my pride; I was young

and wild, and after you forced me to sleep with you and abandoned me, I was

upset. I returned abroad, but it only lasted a month before I came back looking

for you. But then, my parents got into an accident and passed away.”

John paused for a moment, then cleared his throat and continued slowly,” My

whole family was in mourning, and my grandfather fell ill from the overwhelming

sorrow. I took on all the pressure and burden of the family, and devoted myself to

work. I had to travel between home and abroad frequently, and I simply couldn’t

find the time to look for you. Later, my grandfather brought Richard back, stating

that…you abandoned him.”

Cordy felt her heart clench painfully.

How could she have abandoned Richard?

She clearly remembered the doctor and nurse telling her that her baby had been

stillborn when she was on the operation table. She had been so distraught that

she didn’t even dare to look at the “corpse”.

She simply accepted the fact that her baby was gone.

“So, is this your way of getting revenge on me?” Cordy asked, instead of

explaining anything. It was futile to say anything, especially if the whole thing was

complicated to begin with.

“I’ll admit that when I first saw Richard, I was angry and even thought of getting

revenge on you. But after calming down, I chose to understand you. You weren’t

even nineteen, and you were still a child. What’s more, how much scorn would

you have received if people knew you had given birth out of wedlock?”

That was true.

So, that’s why John believed that she would abandon Richard. He never had

cause to suspect anything else; that there might have been a misunderstanding.

It was the same for Cordy.

Cordy couldn’t believe that John had genuine feelings for her. She thought he

was simply getting revenge for her being irresponsible.

“After that, I actually went looking for you again,” John said. “At Astonia… But you

were already together with Kyle. I saw you walking together in the sunset, and I

didn’t dare to meet you.”

Cordy remained silent. She didn’t know whether she should believe John’s


“At first, I wanted to forget about you. When I returned to the country to inherit

Levine Ventures, however, I saw you again. You were beautiful in your white

wedding dress. I was standing near you, but you didn’t spare me a glance.”

On the day of Cordy’s engagement party with Kyle, her mind was only filled with

the latter. At that time, it was impossible for her to have anyone else in her


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