A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 244

Chapter 244

“Are the feelings between us…so fragile?” John asked.

“There aren’t any feelings to talk about between us right now,’ Cordy shot back

coldly. “Have you forgotten, Mr. Levine? Back then, I promised to try out this

relationship and see if it would work. Clearly, this isn’t going too well.”

“If I said I wouldn’t involve you in my engagement with Jessica, would you be

willing to wait for me?”

“No,” Cordy refused without hesitation.

“Am I that unworthy of your trust?” John said, clenching his fist tightly as his eyes

tinged scarlet.

Enter title…

“Yes/ Cordy said, nodding.

John laughed hoarsely, a hint of self-depreciation laced in his voice.

The atmosphere plunged into a sudden silence, and the air was heavy.

The two sat in silence for a long time.

It seemed like their conversation had ended.

Cordy opened the car door to leave, but John suddenly reached out to grasp her

wrist with such force that it felt like he was going to crush her bones.

However, she didn’t cry out in pain.

She simply accepted John’s lashing out at her.

“I don’t believe that you don’t have any feelings for me,” John hissed, looking

straight into her eyes, various emotions swimming in his own. “The feelings

between us are mutual. I can feel it.’

Cordy didn’t reply to him.

John continued with a low voice, “I also don’t believe that you’re someone who’d

accept such things lying down. You wouldn’t let go of things so easily, just

because the Levines and Stuarts forced you to.”

“John, I’m only human. I’m not a god. I too get frightened when faced with

powerful forces like them.”

“Yet, you can take on both families with your own power! I can’t believe that you’d

compromise so easily!”

Cordy bit her lips. Before John, it would seem like she could hide nothing. He

could see through everything about her.

“What did my grandfather say to you?” John asked calmly, shoving his emotions

down ruthlessly.

So, John knew that Alan had met her in private and was even smart enough to

guess that her unwavering determination had something to do with the older


“He requested me to leave you by my own volition,” Cordy replied honestly, not

wanting to hide anything.

Well, there was no need to hide it either.

Since they were going to break it off cleanly, everything should be laid out plainly

in the open.

…So they could avoid longing for each other even though they were apart.

“Did you agree to it?”


“Did he threaten you?’ John demanded, his gaze hardening.

“Not really,” Cordy replied truthfully.

John narrowed his eyes at her answer, but Cordy continued, “He simply said a lot

of things that enlightened me, and I finally came to a realization.”

John’s hands seemed to be trembling, and he probably knew what Alan had said

to her. Cordy looked at John’s expression and murmured, “And it all seems true, I


John pursed his lips and stayed silent.

“Remember when you said you’d grant me a wish back at Ayro Island?” Cordy

asked calmly.

It wasn’t as if she was indifferent about the entire thing. Rather, she was simply

accepting reality.

She was used to keeping calm and putting on an invincible facade when facing

major problems.

“I said to you, don’t lie to me. Even if you don’t like me, don’t lie to me. Ever. ”

Cordy looked at John, the corners of her lips tilted up slightly. She wasn’t sure if it

was mocking him or herself, but she continued, “It turns out everything from start

to end was just a big lie, wasn’t it?”

“If I said no, would you believe me?” John’s voice contrasted his usual, and he

now sounded so small and timid.

As if he had spent the entire night praying for her trust.

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