A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 363

"Mommy, I really love seeing our family like this,"

Richard suddenly remarked.

Cordy was slightly taken aback.

"Like what?"

"The three of us together, going to the grocery store, cooking dinner and enjoying it," Richard said

Cordy pursed her lips.

At that moment, she had no idea what to say in response to Richard.

"Mommy, don't you like it too?" Richard blinked innocently as he asked her.

"Of course." Cordy smiled in agreement.

"Mommy likes whatever Dicky likes."

"Mommy, you're the best to me in this whole wide world! I love Mommy!" Richard said sweetly.

Cordy did not know how someone as sullen and reserved as John could raise such a sweet -talking
child as Richard.

After dinner, Cordy was busy washing the dishes.

John had wanted to help, but Cordy rejected him outright because she clearly did not want him close to

The father and son pair were seated together on the couch, and Richard suddenly asked solemnly,
"Daddy, how long more are you going to take to pursue Mommy?"

John was staring at the open kitchen when he heard his son's question.

He turned to look at Richard.

"I can't put on this act for much longer."

John could not hold back a chuckle.

Richard was behaving completely differently in front of Cordy compared to his usual state at home.

"If you can't win Mommy over anytime soon, I won't be able to help you very soon," Richard grumbled.

"I'll do my best."

John had no words to refute his own son's criticisms.

"Is it so hard to pursue girls? Why is it that there are so many girls in my school who like me? I don't
even need to pursue them at all," Richard said sullenly.

He had always held his father in high regard.

But why did his father turn slow and dull in this sole matter? "IT used to think so too, until I met your

John explained, "Every person has his weakness.Do you understand?"

"I don't." You will when you meet the one next time."

"Please, that won't happen to me."

Richard was certain.

"There are so many girls who fancy me.When the time comes for me to get married, I'll just choose one
of them and be done with it."

John did not bother refuting Richard.

After all, what would kids know about love? What's more, Richard might really have such good luck to
find the girl of his dreams among the hordes of girls who like him, unlike John, whose fate was fraught
with difficulties.

After Cordy was done with the dishes, she headed back to the living room and saw Richard having a
very serious conversation with John.

John did not seem to have any intention to leave at all. She glanced at her watch and commented, "It's
getting late, and you should head home. I'm going to bed with Dicky soon."


John nodded.

It was rare to see him so forthcoming.

Cordy walked him to the door.

"Thank you," she suddenly said to him.

John was slightly taken aback.

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