A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 360

Cordy held herself back and decided not to say anything.Since Zoe had let things go, she should not let
Zoe do so with any regrets.You and Quinn don't need to worry about me.I'll be well.Until the day when I
face a complete dead-end, I won't stand on ceremony in seeking you guys out," Zoe said brightly.

"Okay," Cordy replied.

"Gotta go, I need to learn how to cook."


"Currently, when I have no idea what to do, I'll start with learning basic life skills," Zoe said in all

She really looked like she was trying her best to live well.

If Bob really could shine a light in Zoe's world, Cordy would choose to give them her blessings.

"I shan't interrupt your skill learning then," Cordy said teasingly.

"I'll invite you and Quinn to my house for a meal next time."


They hung up.

Cordy heaved a sigh of relief, and it was then that she felt fatigue setting in.

Ever since she was involved in the court case and when things happened to Zoe subsequently, she
had not had a good night's sleep.

She yawned and slept until she awoke naturally.

Cordy stretched out and was about to order delivery when she recalled that Zoe was learning how to

She was not interested in cooking, but the thought of Richard coming over frequently made her

She could not always let him eat takeout She hesitated for a moment before getting changed and
heading vut to the grocery slur nearby [ur groceries.

The moment she opened the door, she saw a tall man and a short boy standing right outside.

Cordy furrowed her brows.

It was the weekend today.

Why did John bring Richard over? And he did so without even informing her beforehand.

"I'm going overseas and will be leaving tomorrow," John explained.

"I brought Dicky over to stay for a week. Coincidentally, Winston will be returning to his hometown this
week too."

Cordy suddenly recalled that John seemed to be overseas when the incident happened to her.

He came back and now he was probably going overseas again to settle his unfinished business.

Inexplicable feelings roiled in her heart, but she simply said, "Okay.

"Mommy, are you heading out?" Richard asked upon seeing what Cordy was wearing.

"Yes, Iam."

"Where to? Can I come too?" Richard enthused.

"I'm going...to buy groceries," Cordy went on, "To cook."

"Mommy, are you going to cook?"

Richard was excited about the prospect.

John shot her a glance.He was probably thinking about the wreckage she caused the last time.

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