A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 358

"What do you want me to do, Ms. Stuart?"

Noel cut straight to the chase. Jessica said with a smile, "Although you were the reason for our failure
this time, Noel, you aren't too stupid a person, so I'm still willing to work with you.Just keep the shares
that I'm giving you.I'll tell you when I figure out what I need you to do for me."

"What if you make me commit murder or arson?" Noel counter- questioned.

"Do you think that what we've done is better than murder and arson?" Jessica was forthcoming.

They were all against the law.

Did Noel still not understand that?! Noel gritted her teeth.She knew clearly what Jessica would make
her do and what she had to do from the moment she took these shares, but greed is part and parcel of
human nature.

Looking at the contract in front of her, Noel knew that taking these shares would mean that from now
on, whatever she said goes with Sachs Enterprises.

Her grandmother and mother treated her nicely on the surface, but they only wanted to use her when
they actually were biased toward Sonny.He was a useless bum; what right did he have to take for
granted that he would inherit all of the Sachs' family assets? Just because he was the son?! She
detested that! Noel snatched the contract over, and Jessica's lips curled in a sneer.

There was no chance in the world that Noel would reject her offer.

"Right now, I truly don't have an idea of how to deal with Cordy at this point.She's smarter than I
thought she was and I underestimated how important she is to John."

Jessica was certain that Cordy was able to escape jail time because of John's help.

"Cordy isn't simple indeed." Noel agreed with her.

"I'll contact you once I have an idea," Jessica said coldly.

It was also her blatant cue for Noel to leave.

"Okay.I'll definitely do my best, having learned my lesson this time," Noel said with determination.

Noel left Jessica's cafe.

There was a tinge of uneasiness in her heart, but it was buried under all her excitement.

She was now the largest shareholder of Sachs Enterprises.

It was something she did not even dare to dream of, yet it became a reality for her so easily.

From now on, she no longer needed to resign herself to her fate in the family! After Cordy fetched
Quinn home, she went home on her own.She was previously not used to having Zoe in her house
since she had always lived alone.

Yet, now that there was one less person in the house, she found that even harder to get used to.She
wondered how Zoe was doing now.She picked up her phone, pondered for a moment before finally
deciding to call Zoe.

Zoe had always been concerned about her.

The call went through, and Cordy's heart started beating faster.She had never felt like this even with a

John's face flashed past her mind right that moment...


A voice sounded from the other end.

Cordy snapped back to reality and said, "Zoe, I won the case."

"I know, I saw the news about it.Congratulations!" Zoe said with joy.

Yet, there was something different about her tone.

She was not laughing and gushing about it thoughtlessly.

Instead, she felt more mature and measured in her response.

Cordy's heart ached.

She said, "You're now..."

"I'm doing very well now, really," Zoe said enthusiastically.

"I've thought it through.Many things are just fated to be.Since some things can't be changed, I'll just lay
back and accept it.For all I know...there's a silver lining in this."

"Are you together with Jay now?" Cordy could not hold herself back and asked directly.

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