A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 353

"No, no..."

Helen shook her head profusely.

"Then tell me, where did all the money in your account appear from?" Quinn asked aggressively.

"I, ..""

Helen was unable to give an explanation.

Quinn did not waste too much time on her.She turned around and said to Judge Faden, "Your Honor, I
have a witness who wants to come to court."

"Approved." A man of about 60 years of age came to court.He looked slightly overwhelmed by the
commanding aura of the court and had a look of unease on his face.

Helen lost her cool the moment she saw the man, and her entire face paled.

Quinn walked to the man and said, "We are in court, there's no need to fear.All you need to do is to
answer my questions honestly.

"Okay." The man nodded profusely.

"What is your name?"

"Timothy Chancy."

"What do you do for a living?"

"I am a reproduction artist."

"What do you mainly reproduce?"

"Ancient paintings, famous artwork, and so on."

Timothy added, " I reproduce handwriting too."

"Could you do a demonstration for us right now, please?"

Before Timothy could reply, Victor stood up once more.

"Your Honor, I object to the defense attorney delaying the progress of the case in court."

"I am not delaying the progress.This is critical to this case,""Quinn said firmly.

Judge Faden hesitated for a moment before warning, ''Defense Attorney, please be efficient in your

"Yes, Your Honor," Quinn nodded before asking a staff member for a piece of paper and a pen which
she passed to Cordy.

"Please sign on this." Cordy signed on the paper.

After which, Quinn passed the paper to Timothy.

"Can you reproduce this right now?"

Timothy picked up the pen and signed Cordy’s name. Both signatures looked identical.

Everyone was baffled.

Helen was shaking all over.

"I believe everyone can tell how talented Timothy Chancy is at reproducing works."

"I object," Victor spoke up.

"I have reason to suspect that Timothy Chancy is bearing false testimony in favor of the
defendant.Everything we see here is a result of a previous rehearsal."

"Attorney Henderson, you're just a prosecuting attorney.Your job is to seek justice and not cover up for
others for the sake of some lawyer fees," Quinn mocked.

Victor's face turned bright red at Quinn's words.

Quinn was a junior in the law industry, whereas he was an experienced senior in the field.Yet, she had
embarrassed him in front of everyone.We know right away whether he is bearing false
testimony.Attorney Henderson, please remain calm.Don't slow down the progress of the trial."

She was clearly making a jibe at his earlier accusation of her delaying the trial's progress.

Victor was rendered speechless, unable to refute her words at all.

Quinn turned around to look at Timothy.

"Do you know anyone here seated in court right now?"

"Yes, I do," Timothy looked straight at Helen.

"I know her."

"How did you get to know her?"

"I got to know her online. She added me on my socials and said she had business for me."

‘What business was it?"

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