A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 349

A while later, the entire courtroom turned silent as the defendant's party and the prosecutors filed

Cordy and Quinn both moved to their designated seats in court.

John clearly gulped when she saw Cordy.

Jessica was right beside him, and her eyes flashed coldly when she saw his reaction.

She was aware that John had been helping Cordy prepare her defense, but the news she received was
that he did not make much progress.

In fact, Jessica herself doubted he was that good he could turn things around in under two weeks.

And once Cordy was sentenced, the Levines would do all they could to prevent a relationship between
John and Cordy—even if it killed them.

Moreover, once Cordy was thrown into prison, Jessica had a million different 'accidents' prepared for
Cordy's inevitable demise.

While Jessica hatched her little schemes in her head, the court Teporter announced the rules and
regulations in the courtroom.

"All rise."

The judicial assistant announced, as Judge Faden—the judge presiding over the trial—entered.

Everyone present rose up, and sat down as Judge Faden took his seat and announced the
commencement of the trial.

Victor Henderson, the prosecutor in charge of the case, stated the details of the case.

"Your Honor.On the 3rd of November, the district attorney's office received an anonymous tip that the
defendant —Cordy Sachs, owner of Starstream Group—has been involved in bribery amounting over
1.1 million dollars and tax evasion for an unreported revenue amounting over 70 million dollars.

Said tip has provided clear evidence, including photos of the bribed individual with the defendant, along
with unfiled revenue reports from Starstream Group.

On the 4th of November, prosecutors remanded the defendant at the district attorney's office, per
standard operating procedures, before transferring her to a detention center at noon of the same day,
giving definitive evidence against the defendant.

The prosecution hereby requests the approval of prosecutorial proceedings."

Judge Faden nodded.

"Granted.The prosecution may hence submit any testifying witnesses or evidence against the
defendant."Yes, Your Honor,"

Victor responded, and respectfully passed a document envelope to the judicial assistant, who in turn
handed it to the judge.

Then, Victor announced, "Your Honor, the prosecution requests permission to call on Xander Lannings,
our aforementioned anonymous tip."

"Permission granted."

Xander was brought into the witness stand at that.

No one knew that it was him who tipped the prosecution before the trial, as they kept him hidden to
deny Cordy any chance to study him.

He appeared to be near his forties and had a bulging belly, and he appeared to resemble a public
servant in his suit and tie.

"There is no need to get nervous, Mr.Lannings.You just need to answer my questions truthfully," Victor
said, seemingly sensing Xander's nerves.

"Thank you." Xander nodded.

With that, Victor turned serious and said, "Please state your name and occupation for the record."

"My name is Xander Lannings, I'm a clerk at the tax bureau."

"What made you decide to report on Mr.Henry Lane's involvement in bribery?"

"I did so because I find it unacceptable in the name of justice.Henry Lane had a moral duty as deputy
commissioner of the tax bureau, but he showed dereliction of duty when he involved himself in bribery."

"What made you notice his involvement in bribery? How did you obtain evidence of his involvement?"

"I have been noting Mr.Lane's frequent dinners with Cordy Sachs, and I was present during one such
occasion.I did not quite believe the details I overheard while they were having a private conversation,
until I personally audited Starstream Group's revenue reports and noticed major
discrepancies.Afterwards, I discreetly audited Mr.Lane accounts, and found a deposit of over 700,000
dollars from an unknown source."

"Thank you," Victor nodded, and quickly said.

"Your Honor, permission to bring Henry Lane to the witness stand."

"Permission granted."

Once Henry took to the witness stand and Victor asked him to identify himself like he did with Xander,
Victor asked, "Mr.Lane, did you accept a bribe of 700,000 dollars from Cordy Sachs to help her evade
tax for unreported revenue amounting up to 70 million dollars?"


Henry admitted to it immediately.

"Thank you," Victor said, nodding.

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