A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 347

The next day, Cordy's trial officially began.

The media was already making a huge fuss, and it naturally blew out of proportion on the actual day of
the trial.

Five of the top ten trending searches were about Cordy! When Quinn and Cordy arrived at the
courthouse at 8 AM, the stairs towards the main entrance were lined with journalists.

"Do you need me to handle them?" Quinn asked Cordy just then.

"No," Cordy replied.

Quinn did not say anything else at that, and alighted with Cordy.

The journalists charged towards them as soon as they got out, encircling them even as Quinn did her
best to shield Cordy.

"Ms.Sachs! Do you think you stand a chance in winning your trial? “

"How many years do you think your sentence would be?"

"Don't you regret your actions? You just ruined a promising career for yourself!"

"Why weren't you present at the Sachs Enterprises anniversary gala days ago? Plum Lang was saying
you've cut all ties with the family. Is that really true?"

"Don't you feel disillusioned with how your own family treats you? Don't you have anything to tell

They were asking everything all at once, and it was too noisy for Cordy to hear anything clearly.

Even so, the journalists were relentless.

"Please give us a response, Ms.Sachs!"

Cordy took a deep breath and spoke loudly and clearly, "Regarding the trial, we will all know the
outcome by the end of the day, so! won't offer pointless hunches.

The court will decide what they will, and I believe that the legal system is just."


"As for my relationship with the Sachs," Cordy continued loudly, cutting off the journalists who wanted
to pester her.

"Whatever they say goes.I accept whatever they believe to be fitting."

"Don't you have any complaints—"

"I have answered all the questions I should, now please make way.You're impeding public service if you
delay us from reaching our courtroom in time.Please obey the law!"

With those words, Cordy and Quinn made their way past the journalists.

They tried to stop them, but the bailiffs arrived and kept them at bay, allowing them to leave freely.But
once they were gone, the journalists turned and found new victims, and they promptly charged toward
them! "Ms.Sachs!"

This time, they did not mean Cordy.

Cordy turned to find Noel in a little black dress, surrounded by journalists.

"Didn't Plum Lang say at the anniversary gala that Cordy is no longer a part of your family? What are
you doing here?"

"Did you come to laugh at Cordy?"

Noel appeared utterly miserable even as she explained, "Of course not.To me, blood runs thicker than
water, and I can't stay apathetic to my sister's plight.I can only hope that this trial ends well."

"Are you really that kind?"

"The dispute between you, Cordy and Kyle Jessop was well publicized.Don't you think you're being

The journalists were certainly aggressive, but Noel appeared tearful as if she were a victim.

"I don't know why you'd say that, but my conscience is clear.Please, make way..."

She tried to leave, but the journalists refused to let her go.

However, the grappling lasted just a while until one of the journalists cried, "It's John Levine and
Jessica Stuart!"

As soon as he said that, every journalist around Noel scrambled to leave.

Noel watched as their attitude toward her changed in a snap, jealousy flaring in her eyes as she
watched the pair who were being fawned upon!

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