A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 346

Bob was livid.He was worried about letting Zoe trudge up those dimly lit stairs alone, and so, he went
after her...only to stumble on the scene that almost gave him an aneurysm! How dare Denzel treat Zoe
like that...

forcing her to prostitute herself?! ‘Motherf*cker!' Seeing red right then, Bob rushed forward at Denzel
and punched him viciously on the head! He was a drug addict and actually physically frail—only having
the strength to abuse women.

Against men? He was helpless! Bob soon had him floored, clutching his head and begging for mercy

"Please! Please! Please! Stop! I'm begging you— w Zoe really wanted Bob to just kill Denzel right then
too.However, that was murder, and they would lose a lot more if that really happened.

Putting a hand on Bob's arm, she said, "Stop."

Bob was huffing, but he did stop despite really wanting to kill Denzel just then! Still, Denzel lay on the
floor, groaning and moaning for a long while before forcing himself up and leaning against the wall as
he rose to his feet.

Zoe flung the sack of cash at him then.

"There's your forty grand.Trouble us again, and I'm calling the cops!"

Denzel did a double take, actually surprised that he got money out of this.

Clara turned agitated then and quickly got up too.

"Where did you get all that money?! Don't give it to him—just keep it for yourself.How could you be so

She suddenly burst into tears even as she rambled on.

On the other hand, when Denzel opened the sack and saw the cash inside, he could not care less
about his injury and started limping outside, saying as he did, "No, no no, won't come back anymore..."

It was as if he was worried Zoe would change her mind.

The entire room turned silent after Denzel was gone, while Zoe turned to Bob, "You should go."

However, Bob was still indignant.

"You wanted the money for that man? Who is he to you?"

She almost lost her virginity because of that despicable man! The thought only left him increasingly
infuriated! Zoe did not hide it from Bob and told him everything.

"I should have just killed him right then.Get rid of him once and for all,"

Bob growled angrily.

"Do you think you'd be fine after that?" Zoe retorted.

Bob pursed his lips but said solemnly, "But men like him would just come back once they run
out.Junkies have no end to their greed.And if I wasn't around..."

The thought scared Bob, and he said, "Let me handle this.I'll get you a house by tomorrow, and you
can move there soon enough."

Zoe stared at him just then, and he felt a little creeped out.

"I mean, not for us! For you two.I mean, look around.Does this place look hospitable to you? At all?
Wait, scratch that.Pack your things right now— we're leaving tonight.I'll check out if I have a place that
would suit you."


"Don't turn me down now,"

Bob said with a determined look.

"I just want to be nice to you, that's all." Zoe snorted.

"I just wanted to tell you to make sure it's a plain and quiet spot.Nothing too conspicuous."

"Okay." Bob grinned and hurried away.

Zoe turned toward Clara, staring at her battered body, and asked, "Do you need the hospital?"

"No. It's just flesh wounds."

Clara quickly refused.

Zoe did not push Clara either —she was not fully accepting toward Clara just yet.That was when Clara
asked, "Zoe, that man just now..."

"He's a friend."

Zoe threw a hasty reply, obviously intent on not giving an answer.Now pack your things," she added

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