A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 344

Bob whipped out the stack of cash he had, appearing a little grumpy.

"Well, I only have three grand.That's it."

"I need forty," Zoe said, ultimately giving in.

"Just hold on.I'll gather the money."

Bob did not say another word, let alone ask her what the money was for as he promptly called all his
friends to get the cash, even if it was a rarity in this day and age.

In fact, Bob had to make over ten calls and drive around the city to take the cash from his friends.

Eventually, they gathered the forty grand Zoe needed and had to keep the cash in a large sack.

"Is that really all you need?" Bob asked her just then, as if worried it was not enough.

"Yes," Zoe replied.

"I'll make a direct withdrawal tomorrow once my bank opens tomorrow," Bob quickly said.

"You don't have to—"

"I'm a very generous financier," Bob said regally.He was on the plump side, but he was still somewhat
good looking.His casual wear only made him appear even more of a manchild and naturally affable and
way less regal then he made himself out to be.

Zoe smiled in amusement.

"Thank you, your grace.Look, I know you're just being nice, but I don't know when I can ever pay you
back.I promise I'll pay back when I can—"

"Did you think I was kidding?" Bob asked, suddenly seriously just then.

Zoe stared at him.

He wasn't?! But if he was serious...

What respectable girl would ever get kinky with a buddy?! Even that kiss just now...

It lasted a while, but there was no tongue involved! "I'm f*cking serious here,"

Bob growled grumpily right then.

"Really? You can really lay a finger on a buddy?" Zoe joked.

"That's what you think of me. I've never thought of you that way!"

Zoe was actually stunned.

"Fine, let me put it to you this way—I've had feelings for you since I was a kid, but I only took you up as
a bro because you were never interested in me.Hell, there was this time I had flowers and gifts and all,
ready to confess my love, only to catch you and Jay swapping spit outside Levine Manor."

Bob seemed to be hurting as he mentioned that.

The scene back then seemed just like yesterday, and felt like a splinter that would stay stuck in his
mind forever.

Zoe was left gaping at Bob—she never felt that Bob was interested in her, let alone notice her there
that night! "Look, I kept my feelings buried deep so that you won't get caught in an awkward spot, and

always kept up appearances by being buddies with you.

Honestly, you don't know how much it hurts me to see you being depressed over Jay —there were so
many times I wanted to come clean, but I was worried that we'd be less than friends after.

Do you know how difficult it has been for me over the years?"

Bob appeared more agitated as he rambled on.

"You did say money brings all the girls to the yard," Zoe pointed out.

"I-I never forgot about you!"

Bob was clearly fumbling for words and deflated just then.

"I mean, I go drinking at nightclubs all the time, but I never messed around.I have principles, too!"

"I never said anything." Zoe smiled.

It was very good to talk to Bob again, just as she always felt relaxed around him.

She had been down in the dumps and under too much stress she could die, but just a few exchanges
with him made her come around considerably.

Life suddenly did not seem so tragic.

Bob stared at her nervously then.

"W-Well...Is that a deal?"

"I've already been paid, haven't I?"

Zoe pointed out.

Bob beamed right then.

His appearance had always been youthful, and now he looked like an overgrown boy who just had his
first encounter in love.It gave Zoe a warm and fuzzy feeling for some reason.

Still, she remembered something just then and checked the time before quickly saying, "I need to go
home now."

"Oh, right."

Bob appeared wistful and crestfallen right then.

"Look, we can move in together tomorrow," Zoe said bluntly.

"I just have other stuff to do right now."


Bob actually choked from the straight ball! Even if Zoe never had been involved in a relationship, she
had been working in showbiz for years and had gotten accustomed to all the convoluted affairs it

That was why she could always stay open-minded about it.

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