A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 341

The raging bellow that boomed in the film set out of the blue left everyone stunned.

Zoe then turned to find Bob storming toward them, flushed to the neck! She was shocked—she did not
expect to see any familiar faces here! She watched as Bob furiously kicked down the camera in front of
him and scooped her up in his arms the next instant while ensuring that she was tightly wrapped under
her towel.

It was as if he was worried that the towel would fall off in front of everyone!

"W-Who the hell are you?!"

The director was stunned by Bob's sudden intrusion, and it took a while for him to snap at Bob.

"This is a film set, and you're intruding! I can call the police, y'know!"

"Call them right now!" Bob barked.

"Let's see if they'll arrest you or me when they see what you're up to here!"

The director was left speechless by Bob's retort, while Bob turned toward Zoe without delay.Where are
your clothes?"

"In the changing room."

"Put them on right now."

"Bob— ww "It's just money, isn't it?! I'll give you a million if you want!"

Bob snapped, clearly on the limits of his patience.

Zoe even felt like he would spontaneously combust! She thought he would be even more furious if she
told him she just needed forty grand, though there was no way they could continue filming now.

"Just wait a moment for me," she told him calmly.

It took Bob a while to finally let her down, but he followed her into the changing room, as if worried she
would give him the slip.

Zoe got changed and stepped out, and he pulled her along, leaving the studio without a word.

They got in his car, but he did not drive away as if he were too frustrated to do so.

‘What are you doing here?!" Zoe asked.

It would have been better if she did not ask—Bob was incensed at the very mention of that! "You were
really going to do it if I never came, huh?!" he barked, though it was almost obvious she would still do it
in the future even if he stopped her this time.

"Iran into some showbiz investors gossiping that you agreed to do a porno, and I thought I misheard! I
called your darling John, only to find out what really happened! I mean, have you really never suffered
before?! Do you really have to push yourself to this state?! w Bob was getting increasingly agitated the
more he spoke, and while his tone was harsh, he was more disappointed than taunting.He probably did
not expect her to suffer like this over money.

"You never suffered before.How'd you know how I feel?"

Zoe, however, was insistent on burning bridges.


Bob was actually stumped.

"I know you're doing this for my sake, even if it means you stopped me from making money.That's why
I won't hold it against you.But let's pretend we don't know each other from now on.I'll be going now—"

"How much?" Bob asked her right then.

As she turned toward her, he admitted, "My parents have always been strict with me, and I can only
withdraw three hundred grand at once.Is that enough? If it isn't, I'll get more."

"No." Zoe refused.

"I'll make it on my own."

She had no intention of letting anyone help and therefore did not want a cent.

Nonetheless, Bob snapped, "Why don't you sell yourself to me?! It's prostitution all the same! And isn't
it better to do business with someone you know?!"

Zoe did a double take and stared fixedly at him.

"Give me your bank account number. I'll wire it to you," he said then, very much determined.

You don't have to go this far for me, Bob.

I know you're being a brother, but I'm a mortal enemy to the Levines now, and you'd make yourself their
enemy too.I don't want you to—umph!"

Zoe's eyes widened as Bob suddenly kissed her, shoving his lips on hers.

Her mind went blank right then.

She had known Bob for years and considered him ‘one of the boys’.

And yet, this moment… this kiss...

She could not quite describe how she felt!

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