A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 335

Clara shrieked in agitation, "Don't touch her!"

She picked up the stool nearby and smashed it over Denzel! Denzel was taken aback, surprised that
Clara would go that far.

Nonetheless, he recovered and slapped Clara brutally across the face, and Zoe thought for an instant
that he had killed her.

Clara dropped to the ground, unable to get up for a long while.

And after knocking her down, Denzel strode toward Zoe again, who said bluntly, "I'll give you the
money you want."

"Hah!" he laughed.

"Trying to trick me, you little b*tch?! You're a sl*t just like your mom! She got pregnant by riding some
dude and had you! Just shut up and come with me, spread your legs a couple nights and I won't ever
bother you once I have my money—"

"I said, I can give it to you!"

Zoe bellowed, her voice furious and almost frightening, as if she was venting all the grief she had kept
inside at that instant.

Denzel was actually a little shocked by her sudden ferocity.

After all, Cora had never dared speak up in his presence before, and she would be hiding in a corner
and crying whenever he came demanding money.

And now, she was fighting back? He noticed upon a closer look that she looked a little different, but his
memory of her was fuzzy anyway since she never lived together with them.

"I'll give it to you tomorrow!"

Zoe snapped loudly and clearly at Denzel then.

"Did you really think I'd believe you? What if you run away tomorrow?!" Denzel snarled.

"Then you can kill me! I'd never follow you anyway!" Zoe retorted, looking utterly fearless.

"And if I'm dead, you'd be a murderer and you'd never get a cent!" Her sudden strength actually
stunned Denzel again.

But seeing that she was so determined, Denzel growled through his teeth, "You'd better give me the
money tomorrow, or you and your mother are dead! Don't try to run—your mother tried so many times,
but did that ever work? I'll kill you if you do!"

And with that threat, Denzel kicked the door on his way out while Zoe dropped to a crouch, feeling
exhausted right then.

She might really have blacked out if he stayed.

"I'm sorry.I'm so sorry..."

At the same time, Clara ignored her pain and kept apologizing to Zoe repeatedly.

Zoe did not even look Clara's way and quietly returned to her bed.

Zoe had never slept well ever since she came here.

Clara had cleaned up the room the next day, and Zoe would have thought that last night was just a
nightmare if not for the gruesome scarlet swelling on Clara's face.

She was getting out of bed as Clara came to her with a bowl of shrimp soup, offering it to her
eagerly.She looked at Clara then.

Her clothing was plain, and it was obvious that she never had much upkeep since her face was
covered with wrinkles in her early fifties, as if she was already sixty.

It was a far cry from Nancy's appearance.

Nonetheless, Zoe lowered her eyes and quietly took a sip of the soup.

Clara was smiling, but her eyes were welling with tears too.

Zoe had eaten Clara's cooking over the past week but never in front of her, only taking small bites after
she was gone.

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