A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 340

The evening traffic in North City was heavy.

Zoe only turned on her phone again when she arrived at the studio, since she was unable to find the
director and had to call the man.

Nonetheless, his excitement was irrepressible when he saw Zoe...

Her showing up on his film set was just like having a pot of gold drop on his lap.

What was more, she was doing it for a bargain price! If she could make her show her face, he would
make a killing.

Still, he understood that he must not rush her—he could just wait until she got used to it before slowly
coaxing her into showing her face.

In a good mood just then, he was naturally very cordial to her.

"Alright, you should get changed now.You don't need to wear anything underneath your towel when you
come back—don't worry, there's just going to be two cameramen and myself here.The rest of the crew
will be outside.Noticing her puffy eyes, he assured her, "It's natural to feel embarrassed and
uncomfortable the first time, so just go with my suggestions.Relax—you don't even need to do anything
with that body of yours.Lie down, and men would get excited like a pack of chimps."

"Alright," Zoe nodded stiffly.

She was not crying because she had to do this, however, but because of that call with Quinn.

Quinn's genuine concern almost left her in shambles, and she almost told Quinn about her
desperation.She almost did not come at all...

Soon, the director had a female assistant lead Zoe to the changing room, who was in awe even as she
stared at Zoe.

Zoe was an A-lister! Why was she doing this just like that?! Most importantly, it had just been days
since Zoe was canceled! Perhaps that was actresses for you—they could not go without money.

She helped Zoe out of her clothes and draped only a single towel around her chest.

Still, it took Zoe a long while to finally leave the changing room.

Never did she imagine that she would fall to such disgrace.

In fact, it was almost customary for many stars to take the casting couch before their rise to stardom.

Even A-lsisters would still do it under the temptation of more support.

She bit her lip, thinking that she was probably the only actress who was still a virgin as she did this.

The irony...

Nonetheless, she eventually opened the door and stepped outside.

The towel around her clung fast to her body, hiding everything except her feet.

Even so, it felt unnecessary when she was going to take off everything soon enough.

She walked toward the spotlights surrounding a large, comfortable bed.

The director gestured for her to lie down and take off the towel.

However, her whole body was shaking.

The director had to coax her patiently thrice, until Zoe was really going to do it, when— "Don't you
f*cking dare, Zoe York!"

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