A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 339

Zoe said over the phone, "I want to try making it on my own, Quinn."

Quinn swallowed the words she was about to say, tears welling in her eyes.

Meanwhile, Zoe continued, "I know you two care about me, but no one can get me out of this situation
except myself.

We've been friends for years and you know how much I loved the Levines and how happy I was to be
born into their family, but that's all in pieces now...

And I don't mean the money, it’s my heart.

Even if you choose to help me and shelter me, things will stay the same if I can't do this myself."

"No, it's different," Quinn argued.

"I'd at least feel safer seeing you, and I understand your need to grow up as a person, but you can't do
the same alongside us, and it would be the same.We won't ask questions if you're worried we dote on
you too much—you can do what you want!"

"I have my pride. I can't accept your alms without qualms—"

"You think our bond is alms?!"

Quinn was actually angry and accusing.

"It's exactly because I treasure it that I refuse to ruin it."


"I received your call to tell you that I'm doing my best to live.If the day comes when I'm overwhelmed,
or if I'm denied all pride and expectation in life, I'll come to you on my own."


"You two are my back up plan, after all."

And with those words, Zoe hung up.

Quinn tried to call her again, but Zoe had turned off her phone.

As such, Quinn could only stare at Cordy tearfully—how were they supposed to find Zoe when she
refused to tell them?!

"What should we do, Cordy?" Quinn asked.

Cordy shook her head—she had no idea either.

Should they follow Zoe's wish, or drag her back, kicking and screaming? "Zoe hasn't suffered much in
life ever since she was a child," Quinn muttered.

"I'm really worried she won't survive out there...How could she fend for herself, alone?"

"She doesn't simply want to grow or face this by herself —she doesn't want to trouble us too," Cordy
said, pointing out Zoe's true motives just then.

The pain in Quinn's eyes became even more obvious at that.

"She's too kind for her own good.She must've known that we would both upset the Levines if we helped
her, and she doesn't want us to incur the Levines' wrath."

"How could she be so stupid?!"

Quinn snapped angrily, her tears on the verge of falling.

"She's a mess now and she's still worried about us?! I'd never give up on her, even if it meant I would
fall out with my in-laws!"

"That's exactly what she's worried about," Cordy sighed.

"That's why she refused our help."

Quinn was at a loss for words then and was left growling in disappointment. "Even if she refused our
help because she was trying to be noble and was worried that we would suffer because of that, why
can't she consider that seeing her suffering hurts us just the same?!"

"I think we should just respect her decision," Cordy suddenly said. As Quinn turned toward her, Cordy
made herself very clear. "Since it's her choice, we should support her. There are times when
desperation truly grants you a new lease of life."

She remembered her own past as she spoke—the Sachs had abandoned her, but she managed to get
to her feet, and rise beyond them.

It forged her stalwart attitude, and she was positive Zoe can do the same.

Zoe was not as weak as she looked, and once she managed to surmount this obstacle, she would
become stronger. Her tribulation right now was merely a process.

"Let's give her space, but quietly observe her situation," Cordy added—ultimately because she was
worried and Zoe might really get involved in something terrible.

They could give her time to grow, but they must not actually let society crush her.

"I'll try to help her." Quinn nodded, agreeing to Cordy's suggestion.

“I'll try to find a way to keep tabs on here as well," Cordy said. "If you do find her, don't make your
presence known. Just keep an eye on her quietly."


Having agreed on that, Quinn left without a pause since she still had paperwork to do for the trial

Cordy narrowed her eyes as she was reminded of that.

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